Monday, June 20, 2011

Better After Midnight by Stormy Knight

Readers 18 and older

Better After Midnight (Steaming Quickies)
Publication Date: April 26th 2011
Genre: Short stories, erotica
Reviewed For: Sapphire Nights
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My Rating:

My Thoughts: Short stories can often be harder to review, however this one is easy; it was great! When I first sat down to read this, I was a little unsure, reading the blurb seeing that this dealt with people meeting a total stranger and then being together. Honestly I thought, this is so unlikely and  I doubt I will feel the chemistry between the two. I was wrong. I think a lot of it had to do with the author, her writing is very good. She really knows how to write a good story and draw you in. In each short story I was caught up with the couple as they found themselves drawn to one another. I wasn't left thinking that this would never happen.

I think anyone who enjoys short, quick, and to the point stories, this one will be a hit for sure. I can't read wait to read another story by this author!

Book Blurb: Three steaming short stories--Steam, Sizzle and Scorch--to satisfy your quick fix for an erotic read. Perfect for your lunch hour or your afternoon break! Got your cell phone reader app?

Steam leaves you wanting in the sauna.
Sizzle takes you to the boardroom after hours.
And Scorch brings a woman back for a second helping of hot and satisfying


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