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Riversong by Tess Hardwick. Giveaway and Review

Publication Date: March 30, 2011
Reviewed For: BLB E-Book Tours

Book Blurb: Author Tess Hardwick assembles a colorful cast of endearing small-town characters and takes you on a journey that will make you believe in the possibilities of life - even in the face of overwhelming adversity and unimaginable grief.
Lee Tucker is the kind of woman you find yourself rooting for long after the last page is read. When her husband commits suicide,he leaves her pregnant and one million dollars in debt to a loan shark. Out of options, she escapes to her deceased mother's dilapidated house located in a small Oregon town that, like her, is financially ruined, heartbroken and in desperate need of a fresh tart. Lee's resilience leads to a plan for a destination restaurant named Riversong, to new chances for passion and love, and to danger from her dead husband's debt as her business blooms.
A surprising mix of romance, humor, friendship, intrigue and gourmet food, Riversong entertains while reminding you of life's greatest gifts.

My Thoughts: This review is hard for me. I have had to take a lot of time to think about how to do this review. I have read all the ratings on goodreads and other sites. This book has received excellent reviews on all the sites. This book wasn't for me, as every book isn't for everyone. I do  not want to discourage anyone from reading this  book and write anything negative. When I read the blurb for this book, I was very interested but as I sat down and read the book, I just didn't enjoy it. So, I instead of writing anything negative, I want to list links to other who have read this book and loved it. I am also having a giveaway for this book, because I do want to share it. I think most of my readers would enjoy this book.

Other Reviews:
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Here is the giveaway. This is for an E-book. Good luck!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I am a member of the Book Lovin' Bitches Ebook Tours and a copy was provided to me by the author. Although payment may have been received by Book Lovin' Bitches Ebook Tours, no payment was received by me in exchange for this review nor was there an obligation to write a positive one. All opinions expressed here are entirely mine and may not necessarily agree with those of the author, the book's publisher and publicist or the readers of this review. This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Love Drunk Cowboy by Carolyn Brown

Love Drunk Cowboy
Publication Date: May 1 2011
Genre: Western Romance
Series: Book 1 of Spikes and Spurs
Other Reviews for Carolyn Brown: I Love This Bar and Hell Yeah
Reviewed For: Sourcebooks
My Rating:

Book Blurb:  All Austin Lanier wants is to sell her inherited watermelon farm, slip on her stilettos and run back to corporate America. Until the drop dead sexy cowboy next door, Rye O'Donnell, decides he'll only take the farm if he can get the fiery woman who owns it as part of the deal.

My Thoughts: Sitting down with this book, I was ready to dive it. I enjoy all of Carolyn Brown's books and work. This book was no exception. We meet Austin who is a city girl who has come to sell her deceased grandmothers land. She has every intention of doing this, even as she discovers all the hidden treasures around the farm. One being a watermelon wine business and one being Rye, a hunk of a man living right across the street, however he always seems to be over at her place. Austin is skeptical if he is really into her, or if this man just wants to buy her land and is sucking up to her so she sells to him. Austin ends up finding just what she is looking for, in a place she never expects.

I think any Carolyn Brown fan will be happy to dive into this book. This is the first book in her new series and I can't wait to read the rest. If you wondering why I rated this a 3, even though I really enjoyed the book, I have to admit I found this book a bit predictable, however still very enjoyable, so I still fully recommend this book to anyone who enjoys western romance or even contemporary romance since this book borders it.


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Splash Into Summer Giveaway Hop

Ripe for Pleasure (The League of Second Sons)Welcome to Beck's Book Picks and the Splash Into Summer giveaway hop. I am so glad you have stopped by! I am going to be giving away two copies of Ripe For Pleasure by Isobel Carr. This giveaway is for USA and Canada residents only. Simply fill out the form below and then hop on to the next giveway. I have several places on the blog to "like" my facebook page if you choose to do so.


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Ripe For Pleasure by Isobel Carr

Ripe for Pleasure (The League of Second Sons)
Publication Date: May 1, 2011
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Book 1 of The League of Second Sons
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Reviewed For: Forever Romance
My Rating:

Book Blurb: London's most sensual former courtesan, Viola Whedon, is incapable of being seduced-she does the seducing. Until she meets Leonidas Vaughn. Her salacious memoirs have made her the target of half the lords in England, and Vaughn is the only man she can turn to. When he promises to protect her-and to make her beg for his touch-the alluring beauty finds both offers impossible to refuse. 
Leonidas Vaughn secretly believes Viola possesses a fortune given to his family by the King of France. So the strong and sexy Vaughn charms his way into Viola's life . . . and her bed. But when their arrangement is consummated, he'll experience pleasure far beyond his wildest fantasies-and realize his heart may need the most protection of all.

My Thoughts: I liked this book, and I liked that it didn't deal with the woman who is a virgin and some Rake takes her virginity. This is a woman who is a whore. She knows she is one and this is how she has chosen to live her life. She is currently writing a memoir about her life and all her many suiters. One night when someone has broken into her home, she flees and meets Leonidas. Each is drawn to one another and the affair begins. Only he does not want Viola for only his needs, he wants to be her lover and pleasure her and show her that a man can give as much pleasure as she can give.

I did enjoy this book and the romance was good in it. This book was classified as an erotica historical romance, but to be honest as someone who does read erotica, I would not classify this as erotica. The characters might have been a bit more intimate then in most historical romance but the way the scenes were described, it was not graphic.

I recommend this to any of my readers who enjoy a good historical romance and this one was nice not having to deal with some of the usuals you read in a historical.


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Winners: Love Drunk Cowboy by Carolyn Brown

Its time to announce the winners to this giveaway. Its been a busy week with school getting out. Which means, this summer is going to be even busier. Hopefully the kids play a lot and give me time to read. :)

Love Drunk Cowboy
So, its time to announce the two winners to this giveaway. I know you going to enjoy this book as much as I did.

Jennifer Santana
Beverly @ The Wormhole

Congratulations! I will be contacting you for your address.


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The Perfect Secretary by Madison J. Edwards

This book is for readers 18 and older

Publication Date: April 2011
Genre: Short story erotica novella
Book is part of the Dirty Bits line by Sapphire Nights
Reviewed For: Sapphire Nights Publishing
My Rating:

Book Blurb: Sarah Adams, thrilled to be Troy Reid’s personal executive assistant, wants to prove she was the right choice. She’s the perfect secretary, who’ll do anything to please both her bosses.

My Thoughts: Before I start my review, I have to say I typically don't read threesomes and stories where one person is very dominant over the other. When I read the book blurb, I misread where it states to please her bosses, with that being said, I am still going to review this book honestly. The writing was very good. I think Madison Edwards knows how to tell a story. She is very descriptive, and lets your mind easily imagine what is happening. Sarah as a character was well written. Troy caught my interest right away as he did for Sarah. This book is very short, roughly 18 pages on your e-reader. It is perfect to read before bed to get your engines roaring. You will be left satisfied when finishing this story.

I would recommend this book to those who like a down and dirty story and something then just traditional man and woman. For those curious, the threesome seen was two men and a woman, however the two men were not involved with one another at all. If this book had been just Troy and Sarah it would have received a 4 star rating. So definitely give this book a shot. As I stated, Madison Edwards is an excellent writer.


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When You Dare by Lori Foster

When You Dare (Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor)
Publication Date: April 26th, 2011
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Book 1 of Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor
Reviewed For: publisher/author
Other Reviews for Lori Foster: Too Much Temptation
Interview with Lori Foster HERE
My Rating:

Book Blurb: The tougher they are, the harder they fall… 
Professional mercenary Dare Macintosh lives by one hard and fast rule: business should never be personal. If a cause appeals to him and the price is right, he'll take the mission he's offered. But then the lovely Molly Alexander asks him to help her track down the men who'd had her kidnapped—and for the first time, Dare's tempted to combine work with pleasure. 
Fiercely independent, Molly vows to trust no one until she's uncovered the truth. Could the enemy be her powerful, estranged father? The ex-fiancé who still holds a grudge? Or the not-so-shy fan of her bestselling novels? As the danger heats up around them, the only anchor Molly has is Dare himself. But what she feels for him just might be the most frightening thing of all

My Thoughts: I loved it! Such a refreshing read and for me a very different Lori Foster. So far most things I have read from her are your normal romantic comedies that we all love. She took this book to the next level and added a more complex situation. Molly was kidnapped by men who stole woman and sold them off as slaves and then the women were usually killed. You are instantly sucked in this plot. Molly is an extraordinary character in my opinion to have bounced back so quickly from this and was ready to find out who had done this to her, since her kidnapping had been arranged by someone and that was why she had been treated differently then the other women. If I had been through what Molly had, I would have crawled in a hole and cried for weeks. Then again, having someone like Dare probably helped.

I loved Dare's character. He was this man, a manly man who carries weapons and kills people, and when he's as home, he's a neat freak! It caught me off guard. I had expected him to be a total slob. He won major points in my book. As a character he was so understanding and put Molly's needs above his own.

Anyone who is a Foster fan is going to enjoy this one. If Lori Foster is an author you have yet to try, you will not be disappointed in this one. I recommend this book to anyone who likes contemporary romance, or even a romantic suspense.

I have the honor to get to review the next book in the series, Trace of Fever, so be sure to check back soon for that review. I can't wait to start it.


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Gotta Love A Cowboy by Sandy Sullivan

This book is for readers 18 and older.

Gotta Love A Cowboy (Want Ads)
Publication Date: March 16th 2011
Series: Book 1 of Wants Ads
Genre: Erotica/ Western Romance
Reviewed For: BLB E-book Tours
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My Rating:

Book Blurb: Ann Marie needs a horse trainer to ready her prized stallion to run for the money. When hunky horseman Travis Brooks answers her ad, she knows he’s the man for the job. But is she willing to let go of her husband’s memory and open up her heart to Travis? 
Travis Brooks knows horses. But women? He can take ‘em or leave ‘em—mostly leave ‘em—especially since his divorce. Ann Marie pushes all his buttons and he’s not quite sure what to do with her. Can a stubborn horseman and one feisty rancher find love in the heat of the Texas Plains?

My Thoughts:  Sandy Sullivan is a new author for me and I loved her. She writes beautifuly and really knows how to tell a story. I found myself really feeling like I was there.I enjoyed both main characters in this story, especially Travis. He was your typical male who thought he never deserved to be loved again after his last wife cheated on him and his son passed away. Ann Marie who also lost her husband, is a character a reader easily was able to connect too. She is very real with herself about her feelings and to Travis. This story is not only a romance, there is more to it. There are several underlying plots that keep the reader busy in the background as the reader also visions these two falling in love.

I very much enjoyed this story and recommend it to anyone who likes a good romance and doesn't mind a little extra spice. The intimate scenes were not over the top and we typical scenes, no over the top make you blush scenes. I would definitely check this one out to keep yourself entertained this summer.

Disclosure of Material Connection: i am a member of the Book Lovin' Bitches Ebook Tours and a copy was provided to me by the author. although payment may have been received by Book Lovin' Bitches Ebook Tours, no payment was received by me in exchange for this review nor was there an obligation to write a positive one. all opinions expressed here are entirely mine and may not necessarily agree with those of the author, the book's publisher and publicist or the readers of this review. this disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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Interview with Lori Foster

I am so excited to have Lori Foster on the blog today.  I have been a fan of hers for a long time and its such a pleasure to get to know her a little better through this interview. I just finished up When You Dare, her newest novel and I can not wait to get my review up and posted.

So, let's get to know Lori just a little bit better. Also, to make this post drool worthy, there is a youtube video posted at the end to give you a little sneak peak at the men of this trilogy.

Much of WHEN YOU DARE is set in Kentucky. What part?  Why this setting? Does the area have special meaning for you? For your family?
I rarely specify a “real” area when writing books, because I find that too limiting.  However, when I set stories in Kentucky, I’m usually thinking of Williamstown because that’s where I spent most of my summers growing up.  Being on the lake, boating, skiing, swimming, sunning myself and just plain having a great time, are some of my best memories. My parents had a fishing cabin there—one bedroom, small but open space for eating and sitting—and I loved it. No air conditioning, no heat, but who cared? I learned to ski when I was six, and our routine was to put on our jammies for bed, and in the morning we changed back into bathing suits. Not much else was needed.
Being on a lake makes everything better—especially coffee in the morning. You stand on the deck and watch the fog rise off the lake, and peace just settles around you. It’s perfect.

Where have you lived? How long?
I’ve lived in Ohio all my life. My husband and I grew up here, went to school here, got jobs here, and now we’ve raised our sons here. Actually, though hubby and I didn’t meet until the 3rd day of our sophomore year of high school, we always lived near each other. I love Ohio, especially the suburbs with the small town vibe. I can’t imagine ever moving away from my family. We’re all pretty close—and I like it that way!

Did you enjoy school?
I was not a great student. That is, I got good grades, but never, ever enjoyed school. As an energetic daydreamer, it was an almost painful thing to have to sit still during class. When I hit high school and could pick most of my own classes, I had several writing courses like horror fiction, humor literature, and composition. And I went nuts on art class. Every study hall or free period was spent in the art room. I had an amazing art teacher– a wonderful artist and an eclectic teacher, which was perfect for me.

Have you had other jobs in addition to your writing?
I’ve worked as a cashier at Kroger where one of my jobs was also to clean the break room and bring in carts from the lot—through rain and snow and blistering heat. I worked on an assembly line at Procter &  Gamble. I’ve also been a babysitter and house cleaner. In comparison, writing is a dream come true! Sure it’s difficult at times, and it really soaks up the hours, but always, with past jobs as a comparison, I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love, to share it with others, and to be compensated too!

Motherhood—you were able to stay home with your children.  How important was it to be able to do that? 
 I’m one of those women who would have gone stark raving mad if I’d had to turn my kids over to  someone else. I’m the supreme mother hen and a world-class worrier. When I think of what other mothers have gone through—many who didn’t have the same opportunity to stay home with their children—it breaks my heart and again, makes me feel so fortunate and blessed. When the kids were younger—before I’d ever published—my husband and I lived on a very tight budget to make it possible for me to be home, but I’ve never  regretted that.

Do you ever “steal” attributes from your boys or your husband and give them to your characters? What, if anything, have your learned from living in a houseful of men that has helped you develop your male protagonists?
My kids are hilarious—they get that from their dad. They’re also very physical guys, athletic and protective and outspoken. Alphas for sure. So yes, I’ve often stolen lines, actions, or attitudes from them to use in books.
Living with all guys...well, our house drips testosterone, but it’s so fun! They’re forever amusing, and give me the perfect opportunity to witness “guyness” and to appreciate male traits for how they differ from mine.

The family you grew up with—do you have brothers, sisters?  If so, are you close? Do they live nearby?
I have an assorted family—which maybe helps explain the less-typical families I write about. I have a sister, step-sister, and a half brother, but none of us thinks in those terms. My stepfather—who passed away recently—was my Dad in every sense of the word. I miss him terribly.
Hubby and I are all about keeping family together and close, so most of the family gatherings happen at our house. We get both sides of the family together as often as we can, which is usually four or five times a year. Depending on nieces and nephews, who has a date and who doesn’t, we can get upwards of 60 people at a time. And we love it! You can never have too much family.

What attributes do you share with Dare and Molly?  Of course, Molly is a successful writer, so you have that in common. Anything else?
When You Dare (Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor)Molly actually came about because of some reader mail I’d gotten—threatening me. I know readers get very invested in stories, and I’m thrilled that they care so much. Occasionally they write me with their frustrations over something that didn’t go quite how they wanted it to, or because they want a character to have a book, but I don’t have a book for that character. That’s fine—I enjoy hearing from them. But threats? Well, I’ve had a few that crossed the line. That’s not the typical reader, and it can be worrisome.
After one particular threat, the idea for Molly and the elements of the storyline dealing with one of her readers as a suspect took shape in my mind.
I love hearing from readers, whether they liked a book or not. But, just like Molly, I think my privacy is important, too.

How did the first Reader & Author Get Together come about?
Dianne Castell and I wanted to do a “thank you” to the community of readers and writers, and we envisioned it as being very small. We thought if we got a dozen people, we’d be happy—but our first year, we got around 100 attendees.
From there, it’s grown like crazy! We love to visit with other readers and authors, and we know they enjoy it too, so we’ve worked hard to keep the laid-back, easy atmosphere of the event so that lots of chit chat is possible, while at the same time doing something really worthwhile—like donating our raffle money to great local charities and bringing in agents and editors so newer authors can pitch their work to them in    person, and longtime readers can get questions answered.
By dipping into our own pockets, and thanks to donations from publishers and agencies, we’ve kept the price a very affordable $50. This year is our seventh Get Together here in the Cincinnati and Dayton metro area and it will benefit One Way Farm’s Children’s Home. Information is on my site and registration ends May 19th.  If you’re reading this in time and want to attend, hurry!  And Saturday’s big book signing is open to the public. Come by and see us! http://www.lorifoster.com/community/readergettogether.php

What is your professional schedule moving forward?
Trace of Fever (Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor)Currently I’m hard at work on another single title, but ask me in a week or so and that answer could be different. 2011 has been wonderful so far with an anthology in March titled, The Guy Next Door, and then a new single title series out May, June and July—When Your Dare, Trace of Fever, and Savor the Danger, with some part of the hero’s name in each title. (P.S.  There’s a bit of a link between The Guy Next Door and my three new novels. Although the books tie together by characters, each can be read alone.)
Savor the Danger (Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor)Also in June is another “benefit anthology,” which is a pet project of mine where proceeds from the anthology go to a local charity. In 2011 the anthology is The Promise of Love and, as do the proceeds from the Seventh Annual Reader & Author Get Together, it will benefit One Way Farm, a home for abused and abandoned children.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Lori as much as I did!


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Book Excerpt: Reality Stinks by Ashlynn Monroe

This book is for readers 18 and older

Today as part of the BLB Book Tours I have an excerpt from a new e-book that is available; Reality Stinks by Ashlynn Monroe. This excerpt is adult rated and it is going to leave your graving more. By clicking the picture of the book, you will be sent to amazon to purchase this book if it interests you.

Book Blurb: When Dina’s wellspring of reality television program ideas runs dry, she’s desperate to save her job. The only way she can do that is to come up with something brilliant; I want to date a superhero. Unfortunately, the only superhero she knows is Zane Blair. He’s the only man she’s ever loved. Comedy hijinks ensue when you combine one reluctant bachelor, ten attention seeking woman, and one very evil super villain for reality TV. 

Excerpt: (This is adult rated)

Reality StinksDina bit her tongue, keeping herself from ruining everything by demanding he explain his fickle heart. She was the one always pushing him away, but she’d never seriously considered he might find someone new to love. For years she’d pined for him, and she just expected him to do the same for her. Wasn’t that just common courtesy in this type of situation?

A picnic near the lake was the first date she’d planned for Zane and the contestants. When she announced it, the women happily snatched up the five picnic baskets she'd ordered
catered for this event. She knew all of Zane’s favorite foods and also what he didn't like. He was in for a surprise. Each basket had a few things he loved and a few things he hated.
The challenge on the date was to guess what he would like and avoid what he wouldn’t eat. For each correct guess, the contestant would get one point. The girl with the most points was immune from the next day’s elimination. Dina happily led the group down to the five checkered blankets, artfully arranged and anchored by the lake. Umbrellas shaded the blankets, and each area artfully turned into an interesting and comfortable picnic oasis for them. Dina was happy with the result. Each pair of cabin mates would have a basket and have to work out an order and strategy between themselves. Drama would soon ensue. Yep, Erving would be making her the new employee of the month!

They took their places and Dina directed Zane to go to the first blanket. He lay down on his side; his black spandex was glimmering in the sun. It was a sight that Dina never thought she'd see. Zane looked positively delighted to be the center of these women’s universes. Dina wanted to hit him with the coconut cream pie on display, even if it was his favorite desert. Moving to stand in front of a giant white dry erase board she motioned to the cameraman. She held herself proudly and used her most theatrical voice.

“It was now time for the contest to begin. The girl with the most points is safe from elimination. Each team has divided the items in the basket and Mind-Man will give me the thumbs up if he likes what you are offering him. If you’ve made a bad choice he’ll give the thumbs down.”

Susan and Candy were the first to go. Susan gave him a bite of mango. She scored a point. Candy offered him a piece of toffee. She whispered, “Candy from Candy.” Her flirting didn’t help, Zane held his thumb down.

Susan gave him a bite of banana dipped in chocolate. She scored another point Candy offered him a strawberry dipped in chocolate. She didn’t score a point. Dina’s professional side felt delighted with her huffy pout. Susan offered him a bite of Swiss cheese; she scored a point. Candy refused a third try already defeated and pouting.

Dina directed him to go to Amber and Purity’s blanket. Dina noticed the way he looked at Purity, and it made her want to throw the girl in the lake! Forcing herself to calm down, she smiled sweetly and began the point tally anew under Susan’s winning score. Amber went first and offered him a bite of celery. She should’ve scored a point, but Zane gave her the thumbs down. Purity offered him a bit of carrot. He gave the thumbs up. Dina paused. She'd just about been ready to mark it as a no pointer. Looking at him, she called out. “I couldn’t tell. Was that a thumb's down?”

“No, definitely a thumb's up!” He smiled a very sexy bedroom smile at Purity. Dina almost snapped her chalk in half! He was lying. Liar liar pants on fire. He did the first unnoble
thing she’d ever seen him do--cheat! Zane could read minds, but he wouldn't even cheat at Monopoly! How could he do this? He’d obviously started to mark his preferences. Gritting her teeth, she marked it as a point for Purity.

Amber offered him a bit of watermelon, his favorite of all time; he gave her the thumbs down. Dina was really getting mad. But she certainly couldn't call him out as a liar without
admitting how intimately they knew each other. She took away poor Amber’s rightfully earned point. Obviously, she could play this game, too, and she'd remember which girls he cheated on, so to speak. Purity offered him a bite of soft goat cheese. He gave the thumbs up, and Dina relished the look on his face as he tried not to vomit! She gave the girl another undeserved point. Amber offered him a bite of fried chicken, and he gave her a much-undeserved thumbs down. To irritate Dina even more, she'd ordered the chicken
from his favorite restaurant, where he always raved about how much he liked the fried chicken!

He was so not playing fair. Amber offered him a chocolate truffle again; he gave her an incorrect thumb down. The poor girl tied with Susan, and didn’t even know it. Purity offered him a bite of caviar. He slurped it down as if he loved it, but Dina could see his cheeks growing red in an attempt not to empty the contents of the picnic on the pretty girls.

Begrudgingly, Dina updated Purity’s to score to tie her with Susan. He did everything entirely fairly at all the other blankets, and that irritated Dina even more than if he’d kept
playing with her. He knew she knew his preferences. And he knew that she knew he cheated. Glancing over at Purity, she tried not to roll her eyes. Mr. Noble decided to break his code of honor for a silly girl he didn’t even know. Dina never thought about it, but she was suddenly a little irked that he never broken his code for her. He professed his ultimate adoration, but he was obviously a fickle man!

It was time to announce the winner, and there was a threeway tie between Susan, Purity, and Nelly. They each had oneopportunity to impress him with creating a food combination
from the remainder of the picnic. To prove he liked the winner’s “cooking,” he had to devour her entire creation. Dina was suddenly starting to enjoy the game. She watched the three-woman work. They only had two minutes.

“Ready…set…go.” It was on.
They scrambled between the blankets to get what they wanted and what he'd liked. Everyone else was out of the way. It was going smoothly until Nelly ran into Susan and the pair ended up in a tangle of limbs and food. Dina could see her Emmy award now, just in sight, almost in reach.

Nelly shouted and began to wrestle with Susan. Susan’s bio said she was a black belt, and soon Nelly found out the hard way as Susan took her out with a kick in moments. Purity kept working fiercely, and before long, the buzzer went off. The others had nothing to show for their time, so Purity assumed that she was the winner. Dina stopped her from congratulating herself and spoke to Zane.

“You must eat her hard work to make her the winner. If you don’t like her work, then we'll have to select the one that is free from elimination by a random drawing.” Zane looked
angry, but he was hiding it well--the only way that Dina knew was the tick in his handsome jaw line. He looked genuinely happy. Purity’s creation looked completely inedible, and, to
make it worse, it was large and contained almost all of the foods he hated! Zane tried to smile as he shocked Dina by devouring the mess! She could see he didn’t look well and for a moment, she regretted what she'd forced him to do it. She stopped regretting it the moment he pressed Purity into the most impure lip lock she'd ever witness.

He professed his love to Dina the night before, but now with ten beautiful women lavishing attention on him, he toss the love spiel right out the window! He was doing everything a producer could’ve hoped he’d do. She should be elated instead of feeling rejected and deflated. All she wanted to do was run to her personal space and hide from what she saw, but knowing her career was on the line, she stood her ground and
wore the best fake smile. When she caught his eye, the challenge she saw there made her smile falter slightly. Was he trying to show her how bad she'd feel if he was with another
woman? If so, it totally worked. She wanted to kick the sneaky man, but knew it wouldn't be good for the show. Instead, she decided to show him how unbothered by his actions she could be.

“As this first meeting wraps to a close, I’d like to ask Mind-Man if he would like to give each of you a kiss of farewell.” Trying not to cringe, she looked right at him as she said the
words. As this was as unscripted, as most of the first day's production had been, her crew looked unsure. The cameras circled like piranhas, all hoping to get the best angle. His eyes
never left her as he grabbed the closest woman and bent her backwards by the force of his passionate kiss. He released her quickly as he swung the next contestant into a similar embrace. Zane’s eyes never left Dina’s as he kissed all ten women thoroughly. Heat burned her cheeks by the time he’d finished. Then he poofed away in an instant--definitely not in her script. It only annoyed her further. She wrapped up the taping.

“Mind-Man will select two woman, and as Purity is the winner of the competition she too will be going. You three lucky ladies will be spending some quality time with him. He’ll
also select one woman who’ll have to say good-bye and go home.”

The loser would actually go to a luxury hotel where she'd stayed guarded from the media, but Dina didn't think the viewers needed to know about that. She tried not to stutter when she said her last words to the camera. “Well, those were some pretty spectacular goodnight kisses! I think this group will certainly up the ante now that they know what they're competing to win. Tune in next week when one will leave and one will get that much closer to being the woman behind the man with the amazing mind!"

Dina returned to her RV after the grueling day. She wanted to take a bath and go to bed! A sudden sound made her grab a broom, the closest thing to a weapon she could reach. Slowly she walked to the back, where she heard the noise again. To her relief and surprise, it was Zane, hunched over her RV toilet, ill. His crazy meal was clearly not sitting well with him. Dina felt caught between annoyance and sympathy.

“You know those things don’t flush like a regular toilet. It’s really more of a holding tank, yuck!”

“Thank you so much, little Miss Camping Etiquette expert! You’re the one who poisoned me with your evil picnic. That was diabolical, you know, making me eat that stuff.”

“It serves you right for cheating. Is that how you always got Boardwalk? You always declared cheating went against your moral code, now the truth comes out. Ha!”

“I’ve the mad-wicked skills to earn Boardwalk, and as far as unfair, this whole thing has been unfair to me from the start!”

“Keep your voice down. No one can know you’re here!” She shushed him, overcome with her paranoia.

“Are you that ashamed of being around me? Is that why you didn't want to be with me? When the media found out what I could do, you never wanted to be seen with me. I know
I’m a freak, but I thought if anyone would understand, it’d be you.”

His question felt like a knife in her heart, and she slid down the wall of the miniscule hallway to sit across from him. His large frame filled the tiny bathroom completely. She wondered if they'd need the jaws-of-life to free him. For a long time they just sat looking at each other in silence.

Clearing her throat, she answered from her heart. “Zane I’ve always been proud of what you do. Not because of what you do but why you do it. You use a skill others would hide or use for themselves, and you do it for strangers, randomly, free. You are the most brave and noble man I’ve ever known, well at
least until you cheated in that game, and I was always proud to be yours. I can’t be with you because I couldn’t stand it if you were hurt because of the weak, regular people in your life, me. I don’t what to be the reason you die or give up what you do for
the city! Even if you swore to never wear the costume or to save someone, I’d never be able to forgive myself for cheating so many out of hope. You've become that for the entire city. You’re too important to belong to one person.”

Zane just looked at her for a long time and then poof, he was gone. She really hated it when he did that. She did her best to air out the small room. Men are bad enough when they don’t poof. Dina rolled her eyes with annoyance. Then she took a quick shower and went to bed. For too long she lay looking up at the ceiling trying not to cry. She closed her eyes until she felt a presence in her room. Startled she sat up. Zane stood at the foot of her bed, and she glared at him.

“Do I need to get you a bell? For goodness sake, Zane, you scared the crap out of me!”

“I want to be here with you tonight. Di, I want you in my arms right now. Brigitte killed herself. She couldn't go on without Helium any longer.”

Dina started to cry. She loved Brigitte like a sister, and she felt guilt because she hadn't supported her friend during her last rough months. Opening her arms, she let Zane slide into her bed. They held each other as Dina cried. When she’d gotten the first wave of her grief out, she asked. “Is Ella ok? Have you talked to her, should we call her?”

“She’s the one who told me. She had to go as herself to the morgue to identify Brigitte’s body. Brigitte died as herself not as Stunner. Ella deals differently. She needs her space. She’ll come to us when she’s ready.” Dina nodded, knowing that he spoke the truth, but hurting to think of her sister alone with her grief, even if that was her preference.

It felt right to grieve with him. It hurt, but in his arms, she felt she’d survive the pain of their loss. Brigitte was a wonderful woman, and her loss seemed surreal and unbelievable. A world without her seemed unthinkable, and yet it was the reality they'd have to face. However, not tonight. They'd face none of that pain tonight. Dina just reacted to the
primal call of her heart to connect with the man she'd always loved. Even if she could only be with him on a physical level, tonight it felt right. Sex was a reaffirmation of life, and Dina felt the need to reaffirm! She put her hand gently on his stubbled jaw line and ran her hand over his face tenderly. He looked down at her. She couldn't resist wiggling up just enough to reach his lips with her own. First, it was just a tender touch, a flutter of sweet soft caring. Then the long-caged desire they held for each other finally burst free of its shackles, and, for the first time in six years, they welcomed the desire they'd been trying to ignore.

His lips devoured hers. He nibbled at her bottom lip just the way she liked. No one else kissed like Zane. She deepened the kiss while clinging to him, afraid to let go, afraid he was just a dream. His body felt stronger than she remembered. They'd been so young the last time they made love, she hadn't realized how much more delectable he’d be now. She ran her hands over his chest relishing the feeling of his body. She watched the play of the night shadows across his skin and marveled in the beauty of his masculine body. He rolled her on top of him and she straddled his stomach, all while the kissed continued.

“Oh God, Zane, I’ve missed this,” she breathed quietly. His hands clutched her long hair, and she heard him growl in a very primal way. She felt his large hands slide down her
neck and shoulders until he found her breasts. Gasping she relished the feeling of his hands lightly rubbing her sensitive nipples, heightening her desire. Being with a man who could read your mind came in handy in the bedroom, and as much as she hated to see him use his abilities unnecessarily, she loved the fact he always knew just what she needed, just what would rev up her engine!

“You taste so damn good. Dina, you’re my only addiction. God, I can’t get enough of you!”

She felt his large strong warm hands slid sensuously down her stomach, making her gasp and arch her back with the subtle tickle of his skin touching hers. His fingers found her
body already very hot and very wet as he began to massage her clit until she let go of a little moan. She relished the bedroom grin he gave her. Leaning down she nipped his lip and began to kiss a trail down his jaw, then neck, then chest. Dina slid down his body leaving a trail of hot kisses in her wake.

It was her turn to grin as he hissed his sudden pleasure when she took the head of his very hard cock in her mouth and twirled her tongue. He wasn’t the only one who remembered what buttons to push. Holding the base of it in her small hand, she began to suckle the remainder in a diabolical rhythm that left him gritting his teeth in an effort not to end things before they got good.

Groaning he grumbled, “If you don’t plan to finish me off with that sweet little mouth of yours, you’d better knock it off!” Glancing up at him, she couldn't stop the rush of pure
feminine delight knowing she drove him to the edge of his control. His expression told her how he was feeling; she didn’t have to be a mind reader to know how turned on he felt. Dina knew Zane was a man who always wanted to be in control. It was nice to see that he was still just a mortal man and not the God so many had come to think of him as.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

E-book Giveaway: Trinity by Deena Remiel

Today I have the chance to offer a new e-book for a giveaway; Trinity by Deena Remiel. The giveaway is brought by Book Lovin' Bitches E-Book Tours. Fill out the form below and thank you for stopping by.

Trinity (The Brethren Series) One way or another, terror will reign tonight. 

Emma Livingston, a single mom, has been through hell—and back, so she thinks. While dealing with her five year old daughter’s night terrors, she attempts to live a normal life. That is, until the being from those very nightmares comes to visit her. Has her child been dealing with a real demon while she thought he was only a figment of an active imagination? 
Michael D’Angelo is known to everyone in Prophet’s Point, Arizona, as their loving elementary school principal. But to The Brethren, he is known as the most powerful Protector. Immortal and angelic does not mean he’s without doubts or fears. While trying to protect Emma and Hannah, his tortured past comes back to haunt him. Can he overcome it? Or is he doomed to repeat a failure he has lived with for what seems like an eternity? 
As Emma and Michael come together to protect Hannah, ancient secrets are revealed and faith is tested. When a prophecy is exposed, questions must be answered… Can Emma learn to trust enough to love again? Can Michael believe in himself enough to show Emma how? And will they be able to protect an innocent child, not to mention save the world as they know it, from total annihilation?