Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Perfect Secretary by Madison J. Edwards

This book is for readers 18 and older

Publication Date: April 2011
Genre: Short story erotica novella
Book is part of the Dirty Bits line by Sapphire Nights
Reviewed For: Sapphire Nights Publishing
My Rating:

Book Blurb: Sarah Adams, thrilled to be Troy Reid’s personal executive assistant, wants to prove she was the right choice. She’s the perfect secretary, who’ll do anything to please both her bosses.

My Thoughts: Before I start my review, I have to say I typically don't read threesomes and stories where one person is very dominant over the other. When I read the book blurb, I misread where it states to please her bosses, with that being said, I am still going to review this book honestly. The writing was very good. I think Madison Edwards knows how to tell a story. She is very descriptive, and lets your mind easily imagine what is happening. Sarah as a character was well written. Troy caught my interest right away as he did for Sarah. This book is very short, roughly 18 pages on your e-reader. It is perfect to read before bed to get your engines roaring. You will be left satisfied when finishing this story.

I would recommend this book to those who like a down and dirty story and something then just traditional man and woman. For those curious, the threesome seen was two men and a woman, however the two men were not involved with one another at all. If this book had been just Troy and Sarah it would have received a 4 star rating. So definitely give this book a shot. As I stated, Madison Edwards is an excellent writer.


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