Saturday, September 11, 2010

Top 10 Highest Paid Authors

These are Forbes top 10 highest paid authors. My thoughts after I list them:

  1. James Patterson  $70 Million
  2. Stephenie Meyer   $40 Million
  3. Stephen King   $34 Million
  4. Danielle Steel   $32 Million
  5. Ken Follet   $20 Million
  6. Dean Koontz   $18 Million
  7. Janet Evanovich   $16 Million
  8. John Grisham   $15 Million
  9. Nicholas Sparks   $14 Million
  10. J.K. Rollings   $10 Million
My thoughts: I am not at all surprised about James Patterson being at the top. It seems like he has a new book out almost every month! They are always different and fresh too. I wish I could live a day in his head.

I am most surprised by Stephenie Meyer. I loved Twilight, so don't bash me. I am just surprised she beat out most of those authors. Stephen King and Danielle Steel I can't believe that she is above them. Even Nicholas Sparks and J.K. Rollings! I am just so shocked to see Stephenie Meyer at number 2. All the money she has racked in, I guess that must be why we haven't seen anything else from her. I was not impressed by The Host, so i can't say I would pick up anything else by her.

So, what are your thoughts? Is there anyone you thought should have been in the top 10 that wasn't?  Are you surprised by the difference between J.K. Rollings and Stephenie Meyer?  I definitely am! Seeing as though there have been more Harry Potter books and movies! Maybe J.K. Rollings should have made her characters shirtless! LOL.


Michael Antonio Araujo said...

Well this is of 2010. SMeyer came out with a book while Rowling hasn't come out with a book since 07. And a movie in the longest lol. That'll change soon though xD

Rebecca said...

very true Micheal! You make a good point.

Autumn said...

And think about all the Twilight marketing. Posters, shirts, stickers, keychains, jewelry, you name it, it out there and a lot of it is paying royalties...maybe not all of it, but quite a lot is.

Diane said...

Just shows what a crazy phenomenon Twilight is! Wow!! :O)

Anonymous said...

There was talk back in July that Evanovich wanted 50 mill for 4 books and that she and her publisher parted ways over it. I read another article that said she signed with Random House, but it doesn't say for how much. It is interesting to watch.

Ladytink_534 said...

Nope, can't say I'm too surprised by that list. I'm guessing Meyer got bumped up the list with the release of the Twilight movies which has increased interest in her books. Everyone has already read Rowling and I think that even with the upcoming movie, there just isn't as much buzz as there used to be. I'd like to see where authors like Charlaine Harris and Laurell K. Hamilton place on that list...

jackie b central texas said...

I would like to know how with all the many books written and bought that Nora Roberts or her AKA JD Robb is not on the top 10! Very surprising, SM not so much as "hype" works in music and movies for people with less talent than promotion too!

jackie ^_^