Friday, January 20, 2012

Cassandra Carr tells us how to put the pieces together.

Today I have the talented Cassandra Carr on the blog. And she's telling us how to put the pieces together with a story.

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Putting the pieces together
By Cassandra Carr

I tend to write in a linear fashion. I start at the beginning and I write until the end. I know there are other authors who write a series of scenes, sometimes in the right order and sometimes not, and then write bridges between those scenes to make the story flow.
I’d want to stick hot knives in my eyes if I had to do that.
Each writer is different. The process that works brilliantly for one author makes another want to pull their hair out. And that’s fine. That’s what makes the world go ‘round. But did you ever stop and think about how all these different methods for writing still seem to arrive at the same endgame? Cool, huh?
It’s funny: there are so many different writing styles, but all writers are telling a story. Whether there’s a tight focus on the hero and heroine (which there tends to be in my books) or there are a million quirky characters or subplots, the story still gets told. You guys as readers oftentimes don’t even realize how different the writing styles are, you just know whether or not you liked the story.
And that’s the whole point…
Do you notice writing styles? Can you tell where the writer has made an effort to fit all the puzzle pieces together?