Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beachwalk Press Holiday Tour: Ella Jade *Giveaway*

Domestic Goddess or Romance Author?
by Ella Jade

Can’t I be both?

Hello everyone. My name is Ella Jade and I’m thrilled to be here during this magical time of year. The holiday season is upon us and there’s so much to do. There are cookies to be baked, presents to be bought and wrapped, a house to be decorated, and stockings to hang by the chimney.

Geesh…looks like I’ll be a busy girl. I don’t mind because I like this kind of busy. The holidays can often be stressful, but I try to take a step back and relax. I want to do as many fun and exciting things as I can with my family during the month of December. One of my favorite things to do is working the Holiday shop at the kids’ school. I love seeing kids’ little faces light up when they’re buying a little trinket for their mom, dad, aunts, uncles, or pets. They’re so cute and innocent. Another special thing I like to do is bake cookies with my mom and kids. We dedicate an entire Sunday to making all sorts of cookies. It’s messy, but fun! And I think we eat more than we should!

Watching holiday movies and specials are also a big tradition in my house. We even start with Elf the weekend before Thanksgiving so we can squeeze them all in throughout the season. Some of our must-sees are Jingle All the Way, Christmas Vacation, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and Miracle on 34th Street. We light a fire, make popcorn, and just snuggle under the blankets. The rest of the year is always so crazy with school, homework, sports and anything else that pops up, so we try to schedule as much family time as possible during these few special weeks. I want my kids to have memories that will last a lifetime.

I’m also hosting Christmas dinner this year. I’m cooking for twenty guests! I’ve just finished cleaning up from the massive Thanksgiving dinner I cooked, but the wheels are already turning. What delicious concoction can I come up with? What will my centerpiece be? How will I dress the table? My husband says we don’t have time for me to have a “Martha moment” because we’re busy enough. But I LOVE to entertain and make people feel welcome in my home. Hmm…I’m thinking some sort of white chocolate, raspberry cheesecake will need to be created, and I really can’t forget the Pomegranate martinis, can I?

With all of the planning, organizing, and creating during this time of year, I still make an effort to write. I’m a romance author after all, and so much inspiration can be found around these next few weeks. The smell of a fresh Pine wreath, mistletoe hanging from a doorway, a cup of hot chocolate by the fire, or even the reflection of the lights from the tree all serves as wonderful writing prompts for me. So, as busy as I am, I always make time when everyone else is asleep and the house is quiet to sneak downstairs, turn on the lights to the tree and mantle, and let the season get my creative juices flowing.

I hope you find inspiration this holiday season in every aspect of your life. I wish you all a happy and safe holiday.
And if you’re looking for something naughty to read on these cold nights, check out my newest release, Embracing the Unexpected.

It’ll be out just in time for Christmas.

You can find it at http://beachwalkpress.com/embracing-the-unexpected/ on December 19, 2011.



Ella Jade has been writing for as long as she can remember. As a child, she often had a notebook and pen with her, and now as an adult, the laptop is never far. The plots and dialogue have always played out in her head, but she never knew what to do with them. That all changed about two years ago when she found a fan fiction website and decided to spin her own version of a popular vampire series. That experience gave her the courage to start submitting her own original stories to publishers.
Ella resides in New Jersey with her husband and two young boys. When she’s not chasing after her kids, she’s busy writing, kickboxing and scrapbooking.
She also loves making new friends and would love to connect with you. You can find her on the web at the following places:
Spicin’ It Up Blog: http://spicyauthors.blogspot.com/


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During the month of December, Beachwalk Press will be hosting a Holiday Scavenger Hunt. There will be multiple winners, and the prizes will include gift certificates, Godiva chocolates, and a Kindle Fire! Visit our website for more information. http://beachwalkpress.com/



Debby said...

I checked out your book. It looks great!!
debby236 at gmail dot com

ella jade said...

Thanks Debby! I had a blast writing Jace and Parker. I adore them. I hope you will too:)

kyreadinggirl said...

I often struggle with the need to set time aside for a more "internal" reader/writer life and still have time for my more readily seen family life. I love this time of year, too, and have been spending time at the school with my son's class when not at work--but boy does that leave me tired at the end of the week! I took a look at your upcoming book and it sounds nice! kyreadinggirl (at) yahoo (dot) com

ella jade said...

I know what you mean, reading girl. Sometimes its hard to balance it all but if it were easy... lol

Glad you like the sound of the book! Have a wonderful holiday season.


Patricia said...

I love your writing!!! Any time I see you post on fb that your writing, brainstorming, editing, any of it, I get so excited! Seriously, it puts a smile on my face to know that your workng so hard to share your amazing writing with us! Thank so much for sharing with us, your such an awesome writer!!!!

ella jade said...

Thank you Patricia. You're words mean so much to me. I'm thrilled my writing excites you. That's a huge compliment:)

Stay in touch:)

Brandy B aka Brandlwyne said...

Christmas traditions are sooo precious. My daughter was just asking about the Angel on the top of the tree. They like all the Christmas shows that start on Dec 1st especially the cartoons. Good Luck with your writing.

brandyzbooks at yahoo dot com

ella jade said...

We love watching the specials in our house too, Brandy.

Thanks for the wishes! Happy Holidays!

lindseye said...

I love Christmas movies and have added Arthur Christmas to my list.
linze_e at hotmail.com

Pamela Tyner said...

A huge thanks to all the sites who hosted us on our Holiday Blog Tour and to the readers who participated. We really appreciate it!

For a list of the blog tour winners, visit: http://beachwalkpress.com/2011/12/holiday-blog-tour-prize-winners/

Happy holidays!

Pamela Tyner
Publisher, Beachwalk Press, Inc.