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Author Interview & Giveaway (open to everyone!)

I have 20 copies, YES 20 copies of Moon Rising (signed!) by Laurie Bowler to giveaway! Wow am I honored with this privilege! Laurie is a new author to the scene and I did a review of her books a few months ago. CLICK HERE. The Giveaway is below and it is open internationally!

Tell us a little about yourself?
I'm 28 Years old, a teacher for adults in further education. I first began writing November 2009, its been a fantastic journey, one I hope to build upon, I'm very ambitious.
I've especially loved writing about vampires, it was such good fun, reading on the common myths and twisting them all into something a little different. I live in the United Kingdom with my little girl, she's four now, I work full time and I write in the evening when its quiet, or whenever I'm alone. I dont tend to answer my phone or front door when I'm writing, I concentrate so hard that I just simply dont hear either.
When I'm writing, its fun to imagine different things, drawing up images of romance and magic is overwhelming and by far fun.

How did you come up with the idea to Moon Rising?
I had a vivid dream about the characters, immediately I wrote it down (I keep a notebook beside my bed) and I then googled legendary creatures to come up with some other creatures that weren't werewolves and thats when I stumbled on Gulons. I didnt have a storyline or notes to follow about the story or where I was going with the story, everything that I wrote came up from my imagination the day I wrote each page, I never have a storyline to follow.

Is this more young adult geared or adult?
I think its suitable for both, I tried to make it versatile and I read many reviews on other vampire stories, which helped me adapt my storyline so I could modify it so it could be enjoyed by male/females, old or young.

Why did you decide to be a paranormal writer?
I love writing about powers and stuff that is impossible to happen in our world and our own lives, its good fun to transport myself into another time and another place and think of new things that are impossible but possible on paper.

What is your favorite part in Moon Rising?
The part where Nessy and Charles escape to Charles's cottage together, they share their first proper romantic evening together. I really wanted to have Charles to myself at that point, he is a romantic at heart which is revealed in Sunrise to Sunset.

In some ways the Nessy/ Charles/ Hera story line kinda resembles in some ways the Twilight story line with Jacob/ Edward/ and Bella, did you mean for this? How is your story line between the three different?
Twilight is a great story and film, I have read them all. Moon Rising is a lot different to each series of Twilight, for starters Bella is human whereas Nessy is already a half vampire amongst other things which is later revealed in Moon Rising, Nessy is strong willed and not in the least frightened of fighting for her rights against Hervidor. The romance is slightly different, because of Nessy being a vampire already, although not a completely formed vampire because she hasnt drunk human blood, and she is another creature also (But I dont want to ruin the book before anyone reads it) it makes their romance deadly, but their mutual passions to destroy Hervidor and the Tellis coven collide for them to join forces. In regards to Jacob Vs Hera, they are different completely, Jacob was in love with Bella whereas Hera is Nessy's biological cousin with no romance involved between the two.
With the description above, I believe it makes Moon Rising completely different to Twilight.

What exactly is a Gulon?
**Laugh** A Gulon, is a Scandanavian legendary creature, its described as being as big as a dog with the eyes and features of a cat. I didnt want to go down the usual route of Vampires VS Werewolves, it seemed repetitive to me. So, I took the Gulon and described them a little differently in Moon Rising, of course trying to keep their legend still in tact.

This book ends with a big cliffhanger, is that what you intended?
I wanted to get readers hooked on the series, so they would be kept in suspense for the next one Sunrise to Sunset. It felt it was the right thing to do, rather than ending the book on a romantic note which was my other option.

What can we expect in the next book?
In Sunrise to Sunset, Nessy wakes up, and it starts from where Moon Rising left off, she doesnt have a clue what she is or who she is, that was fun to write and I did make myself laugh a couple of times while building the scene, theres more characters in the next one and another romance a part from Nessy and Charles, the trouble is, its a forbidden combination and two people who cannot be together. There's magic and witchcraft in Sunrise to Sunset along with more covens and packs of Gulons ready to join up. And dont forget, in Moon Rising Nessy destroyed Hervidor, which makes her the ruler of the underworld of vampires.

What are you currently reading? 
Virginia Andrews Flowers in the attic, its a very touching story and very tear jerking.

What is your favorite book?
I don't really have one, I love to read (when I'm not writing). I especially love romance stories.

Do you have any writing quirks?
Erm...not really, I dream loads of weird stuff that I end up writing about, and I have ideas when I'm, part way through a book so I end up having at least 3 books waiting to be finished.

What gets you in the mood to write?
My dreams, they are really vivid and my imagination has no end. I love to sit down after work and just write to my hearts content, the character building I especially enjoy.

Do you have anything else you want to share about yourself or Moon Rising?
My writing is very descriptive, and the journey is fun and endless to create each of my books. The sequel to Moon Rising is called Sunrise to Sunset and there will be another one after that, there will be another paranormal series coming out this year as well, the first is called The Volcan Knights, all of them will be available before the end of the year.
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to anyone who reads my work, and to ask them to post a review on the site they brought my book, all reviews are incredibly helpful to an author.
If anyone would like to join me and have regular updates on my work, follow me on facebook and twitter!!

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So onto the giveaway. Like I said before, she is letting me giveaway 20 copies, all signed by her. This is international. Just fill out the form HERE

I would love for you to add this to your sidebar! Contest winners will  be announced on Sept. 3rd.


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This sounds like an awesome book, I would love to review this on my blog heres hoping I win :).

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Sounds great - thanks for hosting.

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This book sounds fantastic!!! Can't wait to read it!

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Thank you for your kind comments. Good Luck to those of you who have entered the give away, I hope you will enjoy Moon Rising.
The sequel is in editorial as we speak, Rebecca will be the first to have the opportunity to read and review.

Laurie Bowler