Monday, August 22, 2011

Guest Post: JM Powers - Books are like babies

Welcome to Becks Book Pics. Today I am excited to have JM Powers visiting. Readers, sit back and enjoy this article about her books are like her babies.

Books are like babies. They grow quickly, and then you miss them when they’re fully developed.

Currently, I have two and one on the way—books that is.

I watch my creations grow from conception to full maturity, and then I send them off into the world. With Basket of Hope, the conception happened the night I entered a Halloween short-story contest. It was exciting to make it to the finals, but I didn’t win. Though I put it aside, the idea bounced around in my mind like a sugar infused child. So, I allowed Kara and Machias freedom to grow. They got kind of bossy too. Dang it, I lost control and they started telling me what to write! Through the process, they moved out of my mind and into the magical world of Basket of Hope.

Oh my! Another labor pain. My editor just sent more revisions for my next child—uh, book.
I’m sure it will be worth it in the end.

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Georgie Lee said...

Cute post. I've often compared writing to labor.

C.E. Hart said...

Edits are like scraped knees... you kiss the boo boo and soon everyone is happy. lol

The cool thing is - after all the pain of labor is over, you're blessed with a story to brag about and be proud of. ;)


C.E. Hart said...

I think you forgot to put a link to JM's site link. ;)

Wolfe said...

Thank you for pointing that out. I got it all fixed!

J.M. Powers said...

Hello C.E. Hart! Thanks for stopping by...skinned knees and all. *grin*
Thanks for pointing out the link issue. I missed that too. :)

J.M. Powers said...

Wolfe, thanks for having me over!

J.M. Powers said...

GerogiaLee, I've compared labor pains to editing. haha!
Thanks for stopping by

Liz said...

and I drink to get though it all, just like I do as a parent! great post! thanks!

Elle D Hayes said...

I can definitely relate. As a parent/writer I'm protective of my babies and proud of every stage of their development.

J.M. Powers said...

Haha, Liz you crack me up. :)

Elle, I love that you're protective.. of your kids and your writing.
I guess, as a writer, we have trouble letting go as well. :)

Wolfe said...

as a new writer myself, I think I too could also say edits are similar to labor pain. Only I don't get an epidural! I guess the wine helps.

Beautiful Trouble Publishing said...

Your comments about books being like babies is so spot on...authors do put so much into the book and it's hard to let them go...and even when you do you are compelled to go check on them from time to time. Great blog JM.

J.M. Powers said...

Wow, how many authors have one of their publishers stopping by to comment on their posts??
I'm speechless. No, I'm not. I talk way too much to be that. But I am truly touched.
Thank you for your the part about checking on them from time to time.