Monday, June 20, 2011

Upcoming Reviews

The kids are home for the summer and keeping me rather busy between play dates to the pool and friends houses. They are 4 and almost 7. I have gotten a little behind in my review schedule, so in case you submitted a book for review to me, I promise to get to it soon. I have no reviews scheduled for July so I hope to play catch up. However, if you and I agreed to a date for the review to be done by, then I will still honor that.

Also, I made the mistake about a month ago and I deleted my entire inbox!!!! Yeah, I know. I was on the phone and distracted. I meant to hit archive to clean up my inbox and instead I deleted over 1000 messages. I tried to recover most, but I know I have lost some. There were two authors I think I had agreed to review in the month of June and I had yet to load the book up on my e-reader. I apologize. If you sent me your book and I never reviewed it, please contact me from my contact page above and I will get right on it.

Thanks for the understanding (hopefully).


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Booksnob said...

Have fun with your kids this summer. I love having mine around and we have all sorts of activities planned. Don't forget to go to the library once a week. Kids grow up fast so enjoy your time with them and don't worry about how much you blog. Your dedicated readers will still be here when you have time.