Friday, July 23, 2010

Review---Simon's Choice (Your gonna wanna read this one!)

Simon's Choice

Simon's Choice by Charlotte Castle. Seriously....your gonna wanna read this one. Wow, what an awesome book! Due out August 2010

Quick Summary:
Simon is the father to a beautiful little girl named Sarah. He is married to Melissa. The family has been through so much. Sarah had been diagnosed at 5 with cancer. She did treatment for two years and was well on her way to her normal life again. She was healthier and Simon and Melissa thought they had finally beaten the cancer. Unfortunately, the cancer has come back. Poor Sarah doesn't have a chance of making it. At a time when two parents should be together and joined to support with one another, these two parents are falling apart from one another.  It all starts when Simon tells his daughter he will go to Heaven with her. Simon then has to make a choice after making this promise with his daughter. Will he take his life to be with his daughter on her journey to Heaven or will he stay here and continue his life.

What I thought:
Amazing! Absolutely amazing. This book is going to make it to a top sellers chart in no time. What an emotional story. You cried from almost the beginning to the end. The ending was amazing and left you wanting an epilogue to know what might have happened after. Make sure your alone if you don't want you kids asking you why in the world are you crying! A book like this makes you open your eyes a little wider and look around at what you have and appreciate it. Many characters that were friends in this book to Simon and Melissa literally abandoned them in their time that they needed them the most. I was heartbroken by this. I only hope that if i ever know anyone in this situation, that i am not like that. I of coarse pray that i am never in the situation, just like many of the characters. I definitely think you should read this. It was an amazing journey with Simon as he made his choice in the end.

My rating:

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This book was provided to me by Charlotte for my honest opinion. I have given you my honest opinion and i hope its one that makes you want to run out and buy this book!

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