Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review---Forgive Yourself by Allie Sager

I was given the opportunity to review Forgive Yourself by Allie Sager. This is her debut novel. I generally in my quick summary, try to sum the book up in my own words. However for this one, i feel like the summary on Goodreads does a much better job then i could.

Quick Summary:
Evocative and filled with a rare compassion, Forgive Yourself by new author Allie Sager blends supernatural dreamscapes with affairs of the heart and unforgivable betrayal. Smart and telling, the author enlists a stunning and heartfelt prose to weave one woman’s reluctant love story. On the surface to the outside world, Sammy Logan might appear to be a woman who has it all, but the fact is she is married to a man who has never truly forgiven her for a past she had no control over. Haunted each day by the vivid secret, she turns to Conner Simpson, a man she has always loved—the man without question who makes her feel complete. Caught on the brink, confused, but certainly not alone, Sammy must first forgive herself, make peace with the dark demons of her past and her mystic ancestral visions before she can truly be free

What I thought:
I read this in an afternoon. I loved it. It was completely different then i thought it was going to be when i sat down to read it. This story draws you in from the beginning. It is a short book, 195 pages. There is a spiritual person in this book who helps Sammy and the rest of her family to where she needs to be. She needs to forgive herself for things from the past, because everyone else has already forgiven her.

The book is one of those, that is hard to describe because i will give too much away. The ending is happy. And you see two things that you didn't even expect in the beginning. The book when i first sat down to read it, i thought i was going to be reading a classic romance with a woman with two lovers, but this book was so much more complex then that. There was mystery, suspense, hurt, forgiveness, love, all mixed into one book.

My Rating:

Definitely if you see this one on the shelves, pick it up. You won't regret it. I do want to note that the cover that is shown above is not the correct cover. When receiving the book from the author, she let me know the cover has changed. I could not find an changed cover online. The cover is pretty much the same, just without the woman's face.

This book was provided to me by Bostick Communications and Allie Sager for my honest opinion. That is what have given. :o)

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jackie b central texas said...

A complex read is always the most interesting kind. Sounds like a good book to try some time Rebecca, thanks for the non spoilery review as I prefer to make up my own mind anyway!

I have a blog award for you at Housewife Blues and Chihuahua Stories

jackie ^_^