Thursday, July 22, 2010

Review AND Giveaway---Lie to Me by Starr Ambrose

Lie to Me

Quick Summary:
Eleanor, aka "Nora", aka "Ellie" is out for revenge to Banner Westfield who she suspects has murdered her best friend Janet. Upon breaking into the Westifield home, she is found by Jack Peyton. The older brother who has been in jail for the past two years. The two are caught breaking into the library and immediately have to act like they ran off for a make out section when just meeting. The chemistry is immediately there for these two. Then to make matters worse for Ellie, Jack announces that they are getting married. She gets drawn into his family drama and helping him get his daughter in his custody all while trying to prove that Jack's younger brother is a murderer. 

What i thought:
Highly entertaining. If your looking for a book with sizzling romance, and twist and turns to keep you on your reading toes, this is it. I found this at the book store and was in cover love. It was the authors debut novel in 2008. It looked interesting and sounded like a good read. And that it was! So, because i loved it soooooo much, i am offering it to one lucky reader.

My Rating:
Can i give it 6 stars...i really loved it.

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Namine said...

HELLO!! I've been following for a few days now! I love your review on this book. I want to go out and buy it sounds so intriguing and what I need to distract myself for daily work! Is your contest open to Canada?? Have a great day!

Josh Healy said...

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