Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How Do You Organize the Blogs you Read?

Are you like me and sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of blogs you follow? I use google reader to keep up with my blogs. Currently i have two categories: Mom Blogger and Book Bloggers. However, to be honest...i read the book blogs more often. However, i am following a ton of blogs and i am looking for some other way to maybe categorize. Maybe categorize them by the type of books? That might take awhile though.

So, how do you have your reader organized?


Namine said...

I have mine ordered kinda like this
I try to make sure to go through the list monthly too because sometimes it's just to much reading!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

My problem is I have three blogs of my own.

My friends etc are linked on my personal blog which is A Little Night Music.

There are no links on The Certifiable Wenches except for the contributors.

On my Book Blog, I link Authors in separate section then other book blogs.

I can't really use Google friend connect well. I prefer links on my blogs.

Marce said...

Great question, this is so hard to do. I had to include links from my favourites directly on my blog in order to keep up with.

Good luck with organizing.

Anonymous said...

I use an app on my phone to read mine, so no real organization. I just check it every few hours when I'm waiting for water to boil or sitting in the doctor's office.