Friday, June 18, 2010

Dad's Bible Review

I chose this book from BookSneeze to review and to have as a fathers day gift for my husband. I agreed to review this book and the review does not have to be positive.

So, to review it; its an amazing addition to a bible. I wish i had the Mom's version. It is a new century version. Very easy to read. The ease in the writing has made me think about taking the quest to actually read the bible.

Some great features of this bible are through out it, it brings quotes out for dads to relate to and help with any struggles they may have. There is a question and answer sections in the back to help dad's with questions they may be faced with when having kids. a few examples are

  • Does God ever get sad?
  • If Jesus was perfect, why did some people hate him?
  • What time is it in Heaven?
  • What Happens when we die?
  • Did Jesus go to schoo1?
  • Is Santa Claus real?

That is just a few of the many questions it has. It is defiently a great place to turn too whenever you kids have questions. Having two kids, i know they come up with great questions.

There is an awesome index in the back to, to help find answer or topics that you may have questions about.

I give this bible 5 stars! It is defiently worth every father having a copy on their book shelf.


Shan said...

I have the Mom's version and I love it! The question and answer section is so useful (even answered a few questions I had!) That was a lovely thought to get it for your husband for Father's Day.

Loren said...

What a great gift for your husband! I Love that version as well! I have no doubt he will love it and be blessed by it!

I pray your family has a blessed Fathers Day weekend

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

This looks amazing. I need to peek at Booksneaze and see what book I have out from them to review.... sadly, it has been that long and I do need to get it done!