Saturday, June 19, 2010

What My Kids are Reading this week

  Its been a good reading week for us. And i love i found this meme. I was actually thinking about how great a meme this would be just last night.

It was a Junie B Jones week in our household. We read her Monkey business story where Junie B gets her baby brother and gets into trouble because when Granma Miller says her baby is cute as a monkey, she thinks her baby brother is REALLY a monkey. It was a funny and cute story. I was a little unhappy though with as much as the author put the words stupid and dumb in the book. Luckily i was reading this aloud so i could edit those words out.

My 5 year old is reading another Junie B Jones, Something Fishy. I have NO idea what its about. He normally picks it up when i am reading and reads aloud across the room. I will have to pick it up and read through it to know.

Other books this week were My Little Pony books for my daughter. Star Wars books with my son.

Its been a great week


Ticia said...

At some point I need to try my kids on Junie B. Jones.

Loren said...

My kids loved Junie B jones! those were always great books! I miss those days but at least now I can share the books with both of my kids :) We just don't get through them as quickly ;)

Happy Reading

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I don't think we've ever read a Junie B Jones - maybe the kids would like them.