Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guest Post and Giveaway: Madison J Edwards

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Thank you for hosting me today. I hope I whetted the appetite of your readers with the excerpt from According to Plan. The game of strip pool, and subsequent scenes that follow were some of my favorites.

Who knew when I started writing Shelby’s Legacy (yes, that was the first working title) it would evolve into According to Plan. There was chemistry between Shelby and Tank from the get-go, and very few people know this, but Tank was only a secondary character in the beginning. He’d been written in as the ex-boyfriend who showed up for a little sumthin’, sumthin’. But as I wrote his scenes with Shelby, it became apparent he was the man for her and the lead I’d been trying to write was punted. Sorry Liam.

When I first put fingers to keyboard a little over two years ago, my goal was to write a book for Harlequin. It would be a sweetheart romance. Loads of sexual tension, with the bedroom door firmly closed. However, my characters kept going into the shower, they flung the bedroom door wide open, and had the audacity to do it up against the wall.

This started as an innocent kiss in the hall. ‘He cupped her bottom and lifted until he was cradled up tight, pressed against her sweet spot…’ *fans self* See what I mean?

I’m currently working on a paranormal called Craven Desires. An erotic tale of time travel, mischievous Fae, a powerful Druid laird and a woman from the twenty-first century flung back to the year 1611. I’ll pique your interest with the tag line: Eve bought a book. She didn’t realize it was about her life. This will be released spring 2012.

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To read an excerpt, click HERE

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Madison said...

Beck, thank you so much for hosting me and showcasing my novel, According to Plan.

Some Things Are Meant to be Naughty

Sizzling PR said...

Thank you for hosting Madison today.

Jary said...

Sounds like a very good book. I can't wait to read it.