Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No Safe Place by Cat Shaffer

No Safe Place
Publication Date: December 12th 2010
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Romantic Suspense
Format: E-book (available in tradeback paperback also)
My Rating:

Book Summary: When Lissa Williams loses both her job as editor of a hard-hitting news magazine, and her fiancĂ©, in a one-two punch, she doesn't plan to compound her troubles by first getting drunk and then into a sexy stranger's bed. Nor does she expect to wind up in the tiny hamlet of Oslo, West Virginia, three months later, after her best friend is carjacked and left to die. Her shock at realizing that the first person she meets in Oslo is the same sexy stranger who had rocked her world in a single night, is softened by the realization he doesn't remember her. But how long can she keep things that way when he insists on volunteering as her handyman at the wreck of a house she's rented?
Folks in Oslo know Nat "Duke" O'Keefe as the man who's taken over the towns tow truck service. No one suspects his real job is undercover cop with an elite, multi-state task force investigating a sophisticated auto theft ring financing a global trade in illegal weapons. When a beautiful woman shows up in the two-bit town of Oslo, his boss orders him to cozy up to the towns newest resident and figure out just what she's up to. That suits him fine, until the sparks between them light a strange remembrance, a tinder of desire, and danger that may kill them both.

My Thoughts: I was drawn in from the moment I met Lissa. She was a strong and like able character. She was in some ways at a "weak" time of her life, however she was still very independent and strong and she did what she had to. She meets Duke very early on in the story. There is one of those instant connections between the two. The chemistry flying between the two flows off the reading page. After there "one night stand" the two characters think they will never see the other one, however fate has a way of putting its hands in the mix. After a horrible accident to Lissa's best friend where someone left her best friend on the side of the road to be dead, Lissa finds herself in a little town called Oslo and there just happens to be one tow truck company in town with only one employee who just happens to have the name Duke. Even though Lissa knows who Duke is and he doesn't know who she is, the pull between the two characters is still there. Lissa tries to fight it, but its a battle that isn't easily won.

I think anyone looking for a good romance with a touch of mystery in there will like this. Above, I touched mainly on the romance on this book, however there is an underlying mystery plot for each character, who don't realize they are both looking for the same person. I really enjoyed this read and it seems like the ladies from Turquoise Morning Press just keep shining!

**This book was provided to me by the publishers in return for my honest review.**

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