Saturday, October 2, 2010

Poisoned Kisses by Stephanie Draven

Poisoned Kisses (Silhouette Nocturne)Publication Date: October 1st
Pages: 229
Genre: Mythical/ Paranormal
My Rating:

Summary: Kyra is the daughter of war god, Ares. She was born in darkness and its a darkness she has vowed to annihilate. She has set out to destroy all evil in hopes to be nothing like her father. She sets out to kill a Greek arms dealer Marco Kaisiris, because she feels he is helping in the war that she wants to stop.  However Marco isn't who she thinks he is and she is quite prepared for his secret weapon.  Kyra has avoided mortal men, only Marco is different then other mortal men. He is a shape shifting hydra and his blood is poisoned. His blood is the only thing that could make her no longer immortal and kill her. Yet, how could she not want to spend eternity with him?

My Thoughts: I loved it! Its a good thing too since I hunted the wonderfully nice Stephanie Draven down for a chance to review this book. She was so wonderful to schedule me into her already booked tour.  I was interested in this book because it was different from anything I had read. Normally when you think paranormal, you think vampires and werewolves. This of coarse had none of that. It dealt with mythical creatures; Nymphs, vultures, gods, hydras, and so on.  It was like taking a journey into a whole other reality. It was a great escape.
Kyra could change the way she looked at any time. Many of us probably wish we could do that! She fell quickly for Marco, and I liked that. Most books deal with the fight between the two wanting to deny their feelings. Kyra recognized her feelings and she fought for them. Then again, who wouldn't if they me the hunky Marco is real life?
If your looking for something different, with a plot that will keep you engaged, along with a steamy romance, this book is perfect. To learn even more, check out my interview with Stephanie Draven HERE.


**This book was provided to me by Stephanie Draven for my honest opinon on this book. I was not required to make this review positive.**

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