Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review---Victoria Dahl's Tumble Creek Series

I have made it out of the Tumble Creek Series by Victoria Dahl. Wow, a series hasn't grabbed me like that in a long time. I loved it! So, what is this wonderful series? Well first up we have:
Talk Me Down

Meet Molly who is an erotica writer. However, this is her secret and she doesn't want anyone to know. She has always lived in the shadows of older brother Quinn. So, she keeps her success to herself. She has moved back to Tumble Creek. She spends her time with her best friend Lori and drooling over the boy who has ruled her fantasies for years, Ben Lawson. Soon things start heating up between her and Ben as someone is trying to run Molly out of town.  The chemistry and romance is sizzling in this book!

Up Next:
Start Me Up

Lori Love has had dreams to get out of town. She even got there once, until her father was injured and she had to come back to Tumble Creek to take care of him. Now, 10 years later and 1 year after his death, Lori has many people approaching her for her fathers land. Ben Lawson starts to dig up on her fathers death and starts to think it was a murder. Quinn moves back to town and is building his own house. Lori goes out to fix his backhoe, seeing as she is the best mechanic in town. Then somehow the two come into agreement that they will be bed buddies. Only, Quinn who is Molly's brother has better ideas and takes on the protective roll when someone starts vandalizing Lori's property.

And lastly:
Lead Me On (Hqn)

In this story we meet Jane, who we actually already knew from the book before. She is Quinn's secretary. She is miss prim and proper. Hair always back in a bun, always dressed just the right way and very well mannered. Only, she has a secret, she is actually from the wrong side of the track and is hiding it from everyone. Everyone but Chase who enters her life and rocks her world with his tattoo's. She struggles with herself as she decides if she should go with the guy who makes her remember her past, or stay with the business suit kind of guys.

What I Thought:
I loved the series. It was awesome. All three books. I hope there is a forth, but i didn't read about anyone in  book three who could be a possibility for a forth book. But, you never know, huh?
If your looking to sit down and get drawn in to a good and sizzling romance, then pick up Talk Me Down and see how that one does for you. It was my favorite in the series.

I am so sad the series is over :o(

My Rating:


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