Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review---The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven

The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven

Quick Summary:
You meet Alex and his father mainly in this book. After church one Sunday the father and son are in a car accident. After the car accident Alex is presumed to be dead. There is very little life left in him. Kevin (the father) is rushed to the ER and Alex is sent to the local children's hospital. This story is the journey of Alex's recovery and he shares with us only some of the events he experienced while visiting with God and being taken care of by Jesus.

What I Thought:
This was a remarkable story. And its a true one! This little boy at one times was so bad off that his skull was no longer attached to his spine. Through the miracle of angels, God, and prayer he never had to have surgery to have it reattached. It was easy to be skeptical at the parts where the boy, Alex is talking about Heaven. Of coarse part of me thought, Ok, this boy is now 7 and has been in a coma, but then i realized then i would be life everyone else. People saw and felt things in the presence of this boy. And well, I frankly believe him.

It was an amazing story. It is one to share with others and you will want to have on your bookshelf. You will feel the presence of God while reading this. You won't leave this story and not get anything out of it. The journey with this family is remarkable. They were so strong and believed with everything they had, that their son would be ok.

My Rating:

This book was provided to me by Tyndale Network for my honest opinion. I have given you that!

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