Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Review---The Black Sheep and The Princess

Black Sheep and the Princess  I sat down yesterday and decided it was time for another Donna Kauffman. She is always a good read. Haven't found one yet that wasn't. And this one, yup it was just as good. Meet Kate, who comes from a wealthy family and as a teenager had a crush on the towns drunk son, Donovan who was never on the same social level as her. Meet Donaovan who now goes by Mac. Now a PI who works for free to help those who need help. He also had the hots for Kate in high school, but never acted on it.

18 years later, Kate needs help and who else is there to help her find out who is vandalising the camp she wants to open. Well, no one other then Donavan.

The chemistry in this book is head on. You can tell by chapter 2 these two are hot for one another. It takes them a little longer to realize it. They don't know if it is just feelings from high school, or if they are just meant for one another.

The mystery in the book is just as good. And in the end when you find out who is vandalising poor Kate, you are a little stunned, but then again knew it was going to happen.

I loved the book. There are two more in the series, The Black Sheep and the Hidden Beauty, and The Black Sheep and the English Rose. I don't own these two, but they will definitely be put onto my TBR list to pick up if i can find them. I recommend if you looking for a romance with a little sizzle that this book is for you. Donna Kauffman NEVER fails in the romance and sizzle department.

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