Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Book Buyers's it going?

Fellow Book Buyers Anonymous bloggers, how is it going? Have you kept to your goals? Have you fallen off the wagon?

When deciding to join up at 25 hour books for Book Buyers Anonymous, i set goals.  The main was to simply not buy any books what so ever.  I don't have a huge TBR list, but i want to get it read down and concentrate on what i have here.

I created my google spread sheet of what i own. CLICK HERE to see it.

I have stayed on the wagon. Though, i must admit....i really wanna go to the used book store near me i love. I wanna browse all the books to see what has come in that i might want to read. The library is still having there 25 cent sale, and while i bought several before joining book ban, i want to buy more. While i know 25 cents isn't much and who could blame me. I promised myself NO BOOKS! So i am sticking to it. I have even decided not to check any out. To concentrate on the books i have here. At the end of July, i plan to load up books i no longer want and visit my used book store and then get myself a small reward. The books that are old library books that i can't trade in there, i plan to host a giveaway for some of them before long.

So, i haven't fallen off the wagon yet. Though, reading some reviews from fellow bloggers, a list of books i want to find after this is adding up. Hopefully by august i will get this list of TBR down!!!!

So tell me, how is it going for you. I would love to hear.


The Mistress of the Dark said...

You are brave. I wouldn't last a week. I need a full 12 step program to help me.

Hott Books - Gina said...

I'm doing pretty well. I haven't bought anything. I have, however, downloaded another, ~10 free books. I was really trying to cut back on hording not just buying.
But - the the bright side - I haven't spent any money.

Tara SG (25 Hour Books) said...

So far so good... I have bought books (but only $3 or less and Linger which was in the rules lol). I also went on a little library spree...

I love how you added a lent out section to your list! I HAVE to do that!

Congrats on your success so far!!

CarlyB said...

Congrats on how you're doing so far! I'm doing WELL, I'm pleased to report. I haven't bought anything since I signed up and haven't been to the library either - just slowly making my way through my huge TBR pile!x