Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Moon Rising by Laurie Bowler---Review

I was given the opportunity to review Moon Rising by Laurie Bowler.  Please check out her website HERE

Nessy is the main character. She has escaped from her maker Hervidor where she meets Charles and his coven of vampires. She is instantly attracted to Charles as he vows to protect her. She is special in many ways, and one of those ways is that she is the only half vampire-half human. She has never killed a human or drank human blood in her 300 years of existence. When her maker is killed, she will become human again and will forget everything from the time she was a vampire. 

She has a best friend named Hera, who is a Gulon.  A Gulon is a type of large cat that fights and can normally destroy vampires. She later learns that Hera is a cousin to her.

So, what did i think? I loved it. The author did an excellent job and there will be another in the series and i can't wait to read it. She ends the book in a way that you simply can not wait for the next one to know what is going to happen. The love story between Charles and Nessy is real and you can tell that they are eternally meant to be bound. The twists she through in were good and some i had no idea would come. I always love when there is more paranormal in something then just vampires, so bring in Gulon's, was perfect.

One thing i also enjoyed, was that there were other characters in the book, that i can't wait to see their story unwind in another book. Her characters are memorable and real. 

For all my paranormal readers out there, you will want to keep an eye out for this one in late August. Check out the You Tube video!


Anonymous said...

Hi Becks

Moon Rising is available now from www.barnesandnoble.com

The release date was brought forward.


nelsonmcunha said...

A great book..worth a second read !!!!

nelsonmcunha said...

A great book..worth a second read !!!!