Monday, July 5, 2010

Book Buyers Anonymous

I am joining in on the book buyers anonymous. Mainly because i am feeling overwelhmed! In the past 2 weeks i have bought way to many books!!! 5 books at the thrift shop, 7 book (25 cents each) at the library, 2 books with a coupon i had for, 1 book from booksneeze to review (free), and finally the new Jane Green Book with a borders gift card i had. OK, i myself might have spent $10 out of pocket for 16 books! Yikes.....see the number is crazy. And this is not to mention the amount of E-books i have on my computer to read. So, i think it is time i join the group that is created for us with our addictions. So, who is the lovely blogger hosting this, its 25HourBooks. Go link up if you too think you have a problem!

So, I am not going to step foot into a book store, even browse the racks at the library or anything until the overwelming number (yes there are more then 16) on my TBR list! This could take me a few months, but i am staying away!!! Please help me and I will  help you!

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Tara SG (25 Hour Books) said...

Thanks for joining!! Staying out of bookstores is going to make a BIG difference! I should probably stay off

Good luck!