Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review: Not Just Friends by Emma Lai

Publication Date: September 25th, 2011
Genre: Erotic novella
Format: Ebook
Heat Level: NC-17
Reviewed For: Myself
My Rating:

Blurb: Heidi Montgomery is out with the girls at the hottest, new nightclub in town when she stumbles into Steven Kim, her best friend of ten years–before he suddenly decided to walk out of her life five years ago.

Maybe it’s been her self-imposed, five-year celibacy, but she finds herself having the most indecent thoughts about her old friend, and when he invites her into his private domain, she can’t help but hope he wants to explore the meaning of the old saying, Kiss and make up.

My Thoughts: This is a very fast and sexy read. Its one of those stories a lot of readers will relate too. Sometimes you have that one friend and their is always that thought in the back of your head with the wonder if their could ever be more. In this case, that's how its always been for Steve and after 5 years he has to show Heidi just how he feels and hope she feels the same.

This is a quick read, full of romance and steam. Emma Lai is an excellent writer and I have not picked up anything yet by her that I disliked. If your in the mood for a feel good romance that won't leave out any details, be sure to check out Not Just Friends.

For more about Emma, check out her website www.emmalaiwrites.com so see what she is up too.


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