Friday, October 21, 2011

Character Interview: Breaking Delia's Rules by W. Lynn Chantale

First I want to say how honored I am to have you on Beck’s Book Picks today. I am interviewing Delia from Breaking Delia's Rules by W. Lynn Chantale

1.  Hi Delia, I am excited to sit with you today and get to know you. First up, can you list your rules, since your story is all about the handsome Jace breaking them all?
Hi, what a beautiful place you have here, thanks for having me today. Okay, my rules are very simple. First, a man should never assume he’s the only one. Second, he needs to stick to his scheduled day and time. And third, this is the really important one, no sex. I know Jace took great pleasure in breaking that particular one.

2. Why did you make these rules?
With so many delicious men to choose from, I had to have a system to keep them all straight as well as maintain a bit of decorum.

3. When you first laid eyes on Jace on the cruise, did you know he was different?
Absolutely and I did my best to admire him from afar. The man is just beautiful, especially when he’s all wet. Have you heard his voice? *sighs* Reminds me of steamy nights and breakfast in bed.

4. Jace was quite the charmer. As he wined and dined you, did you know deep down you were a goner?
From the moment he said; “I dare you.” No man ever blatantly challenged me in such a way. I couldn’t resist. *chuckles* But after that first kiss I knew I was in trouble.

5. You played hard to get quite a bit, did you ever worry it just might push him away?
Goodness I wasn’t going to make it easy for him. *chews bottom lip* Although the little interlude on the beach in Key West hit a sore spot.

6. Since I can’t ask too many questions without giving too much away, how about giving us the scoop on how you and Jace are now?
Very happy. Actually we’re headed to a dinner cruise after the interview. There’s still something very romantic about dancing beneath a canopy of stars.

Thank you Delia for being here. I’m sure you’re itching to get back to that man of yours. 
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wlynnchantale said...

Hi Beck. Thanks so much for hosting Delia today. She had to run. Although I can't say I blame her. Jace is gorgeous.