Monday, August 1, 2011

Text Me by KJ Reed

Readers 18 and older

Text Me
Publication Date: December 8th 2010
Genre: Erotic Romance Novella
Series: Its not really a series, but you will meet characters in this book who get their own stories.
Format: E-Book
Reviewed For: Myself (won in a giveaway)
My Rating:

Book Blurb: Staff Sergeant Travis Donovan is on the hunt for his little sister. Though he hasn't spoken to her in years, his last deployment reminded him how short life is, and it's time to reconnect. Only problem? The one piece of contact information he has, a cell phone number, belongs to someone else now. A woman named Ariel. A woman he can't get his mind off.
Ariel Winston doesn't have time for a man. Her plate is full with work and grad school and family obligations, and she's fine with that. But the innocent friendship she's sparked with Trav, the anonymous texter, can't hurt. Right? It's not like she'll ever meet the guy face to face.
But when these two collide during a night of voyeuristic pleasure, they have decisions to make. Will they balk at what fate has dropped into their laps? Or be willing to look beyond the unique circumstances and enjoy their finite time together?

My Thoughts: I have been stuck in a book rut. I have not wanted to pick up any book lately to read it. So, I decided I wanted to read something of a shorter nature and maybe it would help. I enjoyed this book to the fullest. I finally picked up that book that just caught my attention and grabbed hold of me. Kids leave mommy alone, she is reading! I was very drawn into Ariel and Travis as characters. Ariel who was the more shy quiet kind of girl gave me quite some surprises I was not expecting. I imagined her as this little nerdy girl, glasses and frigid by day and at night, hot student. At least, that is the image I had in my head.

I liked that texting in this book. I really like to see this in books. Texting is such a part of everyones life that I often wish more authors would embrace it. We can relate. People don't call each other for little things anymore.

The romance in this book is hot and steamy and the door definitely stays open. The conflict in this book is believeable. I think this is a great novella for anyone who is a die heart romantic and likes a little more spice then the typical romance novel. Be sure to check this one out.


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