Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thoughts On The Erotica Genre

I was going over my review calendar a few minutes ago and getting books converted to go onto my e-reader. I realized most of the books were the genre of erotica and that a lot of the books I have been reviewing lately have been that genre. So, my readers must think I am a horn dog! But, I must say, when I sit down to read these books I am not reading that to get me all hot and bothered. They have good story lines. They aren't something you would find in a dirty magazine. The author takes the time to write a story, to draw you as a reader in to fall in love with the characters as they are falling in love. The only difference I really see with the erotic genre is you get a little more into the intimate scenes. The writer tells you a little more about what the two are doing. Just because a book is categorized as erotic doesn't mean the couple is spanking, using bondage and so on. Really, the average erotic that I read is no different then a $3 harlequin on the wal-mart shelves. Of coarse there is erotica out there that would make you blush and can play into your secret fantasies. However, most of the time on this blog you are going to find an erotic book that is almost the same as a contemporary romance.

A majority of the authors I have reviewed for are pretty tame. Almost all of them I would recommend to anyone who is curious about erotica. Now, that isn't to say I have not read book that were of this category that left me flustered. In fact, the first erotica that I read was a series by Shelly Laurenston. It was a 3 book series that was on the paranormal side. That left me blushing and thinking "Oh my god!" I think it was mainly the language in those books; from the curse words to getting used to seeing the words of "private" parts. I am now used to see those words. However, I do choose to pick  books that are not filled with curse words. I don't care to see certain words every other word and I now make the choice to just put those books down.

So, yes Beck's Book Picks reviews a lot of erotica. But, I think this genre has really broadened in the past few years that is isn't as taboo as it used to be. I think it mainly just gives readers a little more about what the couple did. Heck, how often have you been reading a clean romance book where the chemistry is flying off the pages with the two main characters and the author shuts the door. You are left thinking, "Man, I just wanna know what those two were going to do." Well, you can. The best part of of e-readers, no one knows what your reading, and I think that's one reason why the genre has grown and evolved so much.



Alexa said...

I think there is a big different between romance and erotica. I have read and enjoyed both but there is a difference, in my opinion. Even romance books can get very steamy and explore the sexuality that is going on and share in depth details. Erotica takes it a step further to ad the domination and bondage to things. True erotica books can even borderline on being grotesque because of the role that a dom might play. Plus usually threesomes are involved and the scenes last a bit longer than your average romance.
Sometimes I think people who don't know much about the romance genre will call certain books erotica but they really are just romances. Very few titles actually hit that erotica mark, in my opinion.

Rebecca said...

Alexa, you make a great point. :0)

Crystal said...

I have always LOVED erotica and romance. The Shelly Laurenston series was one of my favs and is in fact still sitting on my book shelf. But, you know me, Miss Potty Mouth/Mind. The dirtier the better in my book, no pun intended. LOL! Romance and erotica books have lots of action, in the bedroom and out and I wouldn't have my reads any other way.

Paws said...

I love everything from Christian fiction to hard core erotica. Feel free to cover anything and everything, because I love reading it all! Especially when people whose opinion I respect, give it a good recommendation.