Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Life That Fits by Heather Wardell

A Life That FitsPublication Date: June 1st, 2011
Genre: Chick-lit, Women's Fiction
Reviewed For: Author
Other Reviews: Planning To Live, Stir Until Thoroughly Confused
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Blurb: Twenty-eight-year-old Andrea returns home from a business trip to find Alex, her boyfriend of fourteen years, nervously waiting for her. Assuming he's finally going to propose, Andrea's instead horrified to learn he's been cheating on her and is leaving to be with the other woman, who he calls Andrea's opposite. 
At first Andrea's paralyzed by shock and sadness, but the business analyst soon forms a plan: change every last detail of her life and become her opposite so Alex will come back to her. 
It's a challenge at first, but soon Andrea's loving the changes she's making, the new activities she's doing, and the new people in her life. But will she change enough to get Alex back? And if she does, will he fit into the wonderful new life she's creating for herself?

My Thoughts: This was a new style for me when it came to Heather Wardell's work. Usually I meet the character where they are in their present life. Then she takes me back on a journey through time to show me everything they had gone through. I would then get to return to the present and finish up with what decision this character had to make. So, when I sat down with A Life That Fits, I met Andrea and had expected a story on how her and Alex had gotten to the point of him breaking up with her. Instead, I got to go on a different journey with Heather's writing and I got to go with Andrea as she found her way to who she was. Not this person who for 14 years had done everything Alex had wanted her to do. She learned who she was and what she wanted. She made drastic changes in her life and then finally settled back into the middle and discovered who she was and what she wanted.

There were times in this book I wanted to shake Andrea as hard as I could. I wanted to give her a good talking to and tell her to get over Alex, he was no good. I knew at some point his character would crawl back begging for a return. There were several other characters in the book I enjoyed. One was Loren. I really enjoyed getting to know him. When reading this, you will meet Tina and you will want to chase her away and tell Andrea she is no good. The author weaves in a lot of different characters. This is a very good book and I think any of my readers who enjoy chick-lit are going to love this. There is a slight romance in this book in the background, but it is not the main part of the book.

I would definitely add this book to your to be read list. Be sure to check out Heather at her website and see what she's up to on facebook and twitter.



Dev said...

I downloaded this one a few days ago & will be adding it towards the top of my tbr pile!

Teresa said...

This one looks like one that I might enjoy. I liked Seven Exes but didn't care for Planning to Live. I haven't read any of her other work although I see she has quite a few.

Grace Fonseca said...

Very nice review. Normally I don't read much chick-lit, but you made it sound fun. New follower. Come visit me over at Livre De Amour-Books of Love Blog.