Friday, November 5, 2010

Review: Unlawful Hearts by Suzi Goode

Unlawful HeartsPublication date: October 16th 2010
Genre: Historical Western Romance
Format: e-book
My Rating:

Summary: (Goodreads) Dead or Alive?

1871. Courageous Amanda Bodreaux has no idea if her secretive husband is dead or alive. He's run off leaving her to fight in an aggressive man's world with a pistol in her dainty hand. When a strikingly handsome and mysterious man shows up needing a wife, Amanda figures his problems, whatever they might be, aren't hers. How wrong can a woman be?
Emery Cobbs knows even before his arrival in Water Springs, Missouri, that Amanda is his problem. And more. She is prettier and pricklier than a man has a right to lay eyes on, and she must also know the location of the diamonds her irresponsible husband squirreled away. With a gun pointed at his head, Emery doesn't have many options left.
Will he marry Amanda for the diamonds or will he die in the process? At her hands?

My Thoughts: This book is a short historical western romance. Amanda has been abandoned by her husband and plans to never remarry. She runs a local saloon and she can definitely take care of herself. She has several suitors of men who would like to marry her, though none make the cut for her. Emery Cobbs rolls into town and throws her life upside down. Emery loves her before meeting her since he knew her late husband William (Bill). He wants to marry her from the moment he meets her. Amanda isn't so sure. This book is a very quick read and can almost be read in one sitting. In such a short book, a lot is packed into it, which helps keep you wanting to read. Amanda is a likable character to the reader, however she may not be to the towns people with her love of pointing a gun at folks all the time. She has fair reasons to resist Emery. She still has hope that Bill will come back into town and be with her again, however Emery helps her understand that this isn't going to happen. Emery's character was a little confusing. I think if this has been a longer story I might have understood him a little more. He jumped back and forth in his thoughts which was a little confusing to me as a reader. One moment he was thinking he was madly in love with Amanda and then next he was thinking about the treasure and if he should take the treasure and leave without looking back. Other then that, this book was an excellent read.  I think for anyone who likes a good western, this is a great option for them. It is packed full of love and action and will leave you feeling satisfied.

***This book was provided to me by Turquoise Morning Press for my honest review***

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