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(Review & Giveaway) Montana Glory by R.C.Ryan

Montana GloryPublication Date: November 1st 2010
Genre: Western Romanace
Pages: 357
Series: 3rd and final. (Montana Destiny, Montana Legacy)
My Rating:

Summary: (Goodreads) The last thing in the world Zane McCord wants is a wife. But after returning home to the family ranch in Montana to help his cousins search for the lost treasure that is their legacy, Zane can't help notice that love and marriage seem to be contagious. Both his cousins have succumbed, but he refuses. Determined to stay a bachelor till he dies, Zane wants to devote his time to filming documentaries and taking care of the ranch...and then Riley Mason walks into his life.
The last thing on Riley Mason's mind is romance. Sent to the McCord ranch to save the family's accounting problems, she only wants to impress her firm in Helena and be on her way. Life as a single mother isn't easy and she needs to impress her bosses for a raise. But when Zane McCord opens the door, her breath catches in her throat and a desire she's never experienced before takes over her. When the McCords insist that she and her daughter, Summer stay at the ranch, she's forced to give in and before long, she's pulled into their search for the long lost treasure. But she absolutely draws the line at getting involved with Zane McCord, playboy and heartbreaker extraordinaire. 
But as they all get closer to finding Coot's lost treasure, a dangerous series of accidents target Riley and her daughter Summer. Can Zane keep her safe while trying to win her heart?

My Thoughts:  I found this book to be quite boring unfortunately. Riley, the main female character was a boring character to me. She had no personality and I kept wondering how the hunky and adventurous Zane could have been at all interested in her, besides for her child. Summer was an adorable girl and reading about her made the story fun. It was obvious that Zane was interested in Riley however I never really felt Riley's attraction back to Zane. She never expressed it even to herself much, in my opinion. Her thoughts were repeated a lot in the book to where I almost wanted to just skim to get through some parts. When finally learning of Riley's secret near the end of the book, I had hoped it would add a little spice, but I was even disappointed in her secret. 

The story line itself was good. I feel like if the character of Riley was developed a little bit more she would have been interesting. The two characters had the usual battle of fighting their emotions, which is always good. Zane had the usual, man doesn't want to settle down thing, which is always nice to read about them being taken down by love. Riley, I really didn't get why she wasn't wanting a relationship. The author stated a reason, but I just felt it could have been developed more. Riley needed more backbone, especially being a single mother. She easily backed down to confrontation. Maybe this was how she was meant to come across, but for me, I needed more.

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