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(Review & Giveaway) Stronger Than Sin by Caridad Pineiro

Stronger than Sin (Sin 2)
Publication Date: November 1st 2010
Pages: 336
Genre: Paranormal Romance (not vampires/warewolves type of paranormal)
Series: #2 in the Sins Series
My Rating:

Summary: Dr. Liliana Carrera nearly lost her life to Wardwell scientists. She won't let them harm other innocent victims, like her new patient, Jesse Bradford. The former pro athlete had the best hands in the NFL . . . until an injury forced him to undergo Wardwell's experimental gene therapy. Now Jesse's gorgeous body is superhuman-but his strength comes at a price.
With Wardwell threatening his family, Jesse can't tell Liliana all he knows. Yet he can't resist her compassion . . . or her healing, erotic touch. As their passion flares, Jesse's body becomes dangerous and volatile. For evil men are plotting to change the face of humanity-and will destroy whoever stands in their way. 

My Thoughts: This is the second book in the series and while this book dealt with a different couple, I think reading the first book in the series would have helped a lot. However, by a few chapters in, I had a good idea what was going on and by the end of the book I had most everything figured out. As I stated above under genre, this is paranormal, but not what you normally think of. This dealt mainly with science and that someone has been infecting humans to change there bodies. Jesse the main male character was a football player and had an injury while playing. He then found out he had a bones disease. He volunteered to being a specimen and he was injected with something that made him grow bone. He is going to die by his body turning to bone if Dr. Liliana Carrera can't help him. She is immediately drawn to him however is hesitant since she came out of an abusive relationship. However in the beginning, she might see Jesse has angry and dangerous but she can also see that he can control it and that he might not be like her ex. However Liliana has to learn to trust him and its hard when she can sense that Jesse is lieing about something to her.

The story line in this book keeps you intrigued. As a reader you want to see everyone helped and cured. Reading this you know who the bad guys are and its one of those books that you get a big sigh of relief when the main characters figure it out. However, this book leaves you with a big cliff hanger and that slight relief you feel at the end, leaves you wishing the next book was available to pick up immediately.

I enjoyed this book and I think anyone who likes a little fantasy added in with their romance would enjoy this. Plus, you get a chance to!

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Lisa R/alterlisa said...

OMG, I just finished "Sins of the Flesh" and it was awesome. I hadn't intended to start it yet as I like to have 3 or 4 books of a series to read back to back (yeah, yeah I know- there's only two out in this series)but I was taking my Mom to the doctor and had finished the book in my purse so I had to have something to read. This book had just come in the mail from PaperBackSwap and was in the car so I started it. I was blown away by the story. Later that evening I finished it before going to bed and I must have "Stronger Than Sin" immediately. So please throw my name in the hat.

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