Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How I Review.

I am mostly a romance reader, however I also like like a suspense/thriller book too. I will usually try anything (when it comes to books) at least once just to give the genre a fair chance. When reviewing a genre I usually don't read, I try to not judgeit  as hard in my rating. I give the book a fair chance and discuss what I thought of it. Sometimes these are the easiest books to review since I have not read a lot on the subject.

I think I am sometimes a tough romance critic. I read a lot of romance and there really are only so many story lines. However I must say, authors do a great job at keeping things fresh. Especially if you jump around with different authors. When I am reading a romance, I want to feel the passion with the characters. If I can feel that chemistry between them, then I know no matter what the story line, this is going to be a great book. I feel like the female character needs to be well developed, whether she is a klutz or a touch chick, she needs to be well developed. These wish washy characters just get boring and it never really seems like they know what they want. I love a man who is either totally into the woman and chases her or a man who is fighting the emotion of being taken down by love.  I usually like a little mystery in a romance too, just to have a second story line going when the romance just isn't there.

When it comes to a mystery/suspense/thriller kinda book, it needs to be full of twists and turns. I need to not always know what is coming. If I can figure the book out before the book is halfway done, that I almost wonder if its even meant to finish. The chapters have got to end where I need to continue reading so the next thing I know its midnight and I have to get to bed in order to function the next day.

Now the time comes when there is a book where you would consider in general fiction. This is a story, not a romance, thriller or anything like that.  Just a story. These can be hard to review sometimes. I usually have to base it on how well thought out this story is and if it actually keeps me involved.

So, this is a little insight into me and how I review. Thanks for visiting Becks Book Picks!

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Marjorie said...

I have recently read Copycat and Breakneck written by Erica Spindler. She is a mystery writer and her books are real page turners.
I have really enjoyed these 2 books and am looking forward
to reading a lot more of them.
The books keep you guessing to the end.