Tuesday, October 12, 2010

From Dear to Love: Parenting difficult adopted children

From Fear To LovePublication Date: March 30, 2010
Pages: 106
Genre: Self-help parenting

I am not a mother of an adoptive child at this point. This has been a discussion that my husband and I have talked about, and have seriously considered for our future. I do however have two children of my own. This book has some great tips in it that I think would help even in parenting with your own child. This book is fast paced and packed full of tips. The writing is easy to follow, to the point and informative. This is a book that any adoptive parent should have on their shelves.

Here are a few topics that the books covers:

  • Stress that the child feels and how to avoid situations that can make your child feel even more stressed. The author wants the parent to take a step back from their stress and realize the child feels it too.
  • The child is going to go through grief periods. Even if they never knew their biological mother, they did hear her for nine months. There is a bond there and they are going to miss her and grieve for her. In some ways this is going to feel like a trauma in their lives.
  • A topic I enjoyed was the topic on lying. I this chapter is great for any parent. The author has a formula for this : Ignore the lie, not the child.  The author goes into detail on how to do this.
    • lies come from stress and fear. I liked this also, especially when you think about yourself when you tell a lie. You are normally scared of an outcome. Try to remove that stress and fear from the child.
  • There is a chapter that deals with some of the worst things you might have to deal with; chronic lying, stealing, fire setting, killing animals, and hording food.
This books is excellent as I said for any adoptive parents or if your thinking of adopting. It will give you a step up and know how to deal with the child and to love the child.

**I received this book from Bostick Communications and the author for my honest review on this book**

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Aaron Lederer said...

Nice Post.....Here My opinion says Parenting is not an easy thing. Normal parenting is different from difficult child parenting or you can say adopted child parenting which is not attached by his parents. It's a skill to tackle that type of child.