Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thoughts On Being A Book Blogger

I have been a book blogger now for 5 months. It has been an awesome 5 months. When I originally started book blogging, I just wanted to share my opinions on the books I had read. Maybe giveaway some of my collection and share "older" books. At that point in my life, I never really bought a brand new book unless it was by a favorite author. I usually would wait a few months for the price to drop.  My to be read (TBR) pile was usually at most 10 books. I almost weekly went to my local used book store, traded in the books I had read, got credit and picked out some more. I usually had a few books from the library too. At that time, I might have spent roughly $15 a month on my book habit. I probably spend less  now. I might get to the used book store once a month. However my TBR read is more around 40 books! Yes, that's right, maybe even more! How has this changed? Its amazing how the world wide web opens its arms to book bloggers. I never knew that authors wanted their new books reviewed and will give you a book/e-book in return for an honest review. To be honest, its quite addictive. The thrill of the mailman coming and bringing package after package for you. The thrill of knowing you didn't buy this and you get to read it and review it and then add it to your book collection. It really is addicting, There is normally a package at my door at least four days a week and I find myself disappointed when there isn't anything. I average winning two giveaways a month. So, its easy to see for me who lives on a limited budget that my "book money" I spend has gone down but my TBR pile has gone up. October is overwhelming to me. I am realizing that I sometimes have to say no. I love books though, all kinds. When an author contacts me, each book always sounds interesting, and I want to read it. So, the thrill of meeting a timeline is exciting. So believe me, I am not complaining about my high TBR pile!

As a book blogger, I have also had an opportunity to chat with some great authors. I even have a few that I correspond with back and forth through e-mail. Authors almost seem like celebrities to us book lovers. Then when you get to chat with one, they are so down to earth. The first author I ever chatted with was Jane Green on Twitter. I am was excited she responded to my tweet about her book. This was before I book blogged. Its so nice they are so down to earth.

So, its been a great 5 months. I can't wait to see what else is to come. I am getting smarter (I think). I took on less books in November so I can hopefully get some of my TBR pile down. I have some great books sitting there that I know I will enjoy.

So, if your a book blogger, how do you manage?  What's some of your favorite times during book blogging?


Marce said...

Hi Rebecca,

5 months with great success of winning with giveaways and getting books from authors, that is great.

I have been blogging for a year and I have used the year to figure out exactly what I want to do with my blog in order to read what I want. Some of my favourite times is when a author responds on my blog, I am so touched that they take the time and show their appreciation for me reading their book, if they have sent it or not.

ylime1981 said...

Congrats on 5 months! I'm a newbie and still trying to figure out how to manage it all. I haven't quite figured out what works best for me and I'm sure it's going to change as my life actually gets to where it is supposed to be. I think my biggest challenge is keeping up with my blog and keeping up with others. I'm attempting to work out a schedule that works for me.

I love being able to share something that speaks to someone else, though. That is pretty amazing --- it's the point to doing this, reaching others.

Keep up the great work here. I look forward to more! :)