Friday, October 8, 2010

The Doctor and The Diva by Adrienne McDonnell

The Doctor and the Diva: A NovelPublication Date: July 22, 2010
Pages: 432
My Rating:

Summary: (Goodreads): It is 1903. Dr. Ravell is a young Harvard-educated obstetrician with a growing reputation for helping couples conceive. He has treated women from all walks of Boston society, but when Ravell meets Erika - an opera singer whose beauty is surpassed only by her spellbinding voice - he knows their doctor-patient relationship will be like none he has ever had. 
After struggling for years to become pregnant, Erika believes there is no hope. Her mind is made up: she will leave her prominent Bostonian husband to pursue her career in Italy, a plan both unconventional and risky. But becoming Ravell's patient will change her life in ways she never could have imagined. 
My Thoughts: This book starts out really catching your attention. As the reader you are waiting to see what happens with the couple Erika and Peter with their quest to get pregnant. Dr. Ravell is their latest doctor that they have gone to for help. In the book, he makes a decision that makes the reader think, now this is going to get interesting. It does get interesting for awhile and I think the book could have been so much better.  To give a slight spoiler, Erika leaves her family to go after her dream of being an opera singer. At this point, that is when the books goes downhill. As the reader I expected romance with the doctor or her husband coming after her when she left for Italy. Instead after you have already 200 pages into the story, you get new characters introduced and its almost like a different story as you go with Erika on this journey. I got quite bored, wondering at this point when someone would come get her, since she had a 5 year old son she left behind. Instead three years go by before she even returns and yes we take that three year journey with her and her opera career. As I said, the book starts off very interesting and made me think this was going to be good, but it went down hill.

**I received this book for my review through Crazy Book Tours**

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