Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tour: Karen Hawkin's Much Ado About Marriage

Much Ado About Marriage by Karen Hawkin's has been called her secret book. This is actually the first book she ever wrote. Upon the time she first time she tried to publish it, publishers felt the book was written in too difficult of a time frame. She put the book aside. Finally again she published under a different name (Kim Bennett) and had better success. However, she has now made changes to the book to make a prequel to her McLean Curse series and Hurst Amulet Series

What is it about:Fearless Earl Thomas Wentworth scoffs at failure, relying on his pedigree to safeguard his spy mission to Scotland. But a single encounter with saucy Scotswoman Fia Maclean turns Thomas’s mission topsy-turvy. Innocently entangling him in his enemy’s trap, the beautiful Fia gives Thomas no other choice but to marry her. He doesn’t realize what he’s getting himself into.
 With an ancient amulet in her possession, Fia wields even more power than her sharp tongue and quick wit. Her cousin Douglas Maclean stole the magical amulet from the White Witch and gave it to Fia for safekeeping. But when Fia goes to London with Thomas, the amulet falls into the hands of Queen Elizabeth. Thinking it will be safe in the queen’s hands, Fia can focus on bedeviling her newly betrothed!

My thoughts: I loved it. It took me a couple days to read this, only because it has been awhile since I had sat down and read anything historical. Fia was a character I loved. She has such a kind heart for all her animals who all had their own unique quirks. She had a spirit to her that would have made her fit in with the times now perfectly. Thomas is the classic stubborn male who trusts no one and wishes to marry a quiet girl. Which we quickly learn, is not Fia. However, there is an attraction between the two that is so strong, they have a hard time. They are forced on a ship for 3 weeks and that leaves little places for them to avoid one another. On top of being cooped up, Thomas's best friend Robert McLean is having a fine timing entertaining Lady Fia and doing his best to make Thomas very jealous.

This was my first book by Karen Hawkins, though her name is not new to me. This will definitely not be my last by her either.  I am very interested in the series that this book prequels. Especially is Robert McLean is in any of them!

If your looking for a quick and packed with chemistry book, be sure to pick this one up. You won't be sorry.

Date Published: August 31 2010
Pages: 368

My Rating:

This Book was sent to me for my review by Pocket Books, for my honest opinion. I was not required to make it positive.


Hott Books - Gina said...

This looks terrific! Thanks for the heads up!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

I really liked this one too :) Great review!