Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

Still MissingPublished: July 6th 2010
Pages: 352

Summary: This is Annie O'Sullivan's story told to her therapist. She was a realtor and on a day of one of her open houses, she is abducted by a man who comes late to see the house. She tells the story in narrative point of view and weaves in a story of what she went through, but also what she is currently going through in her life to her therapist. She spent a year in a secluded cabin in the mountains with a man she calls "The Freak."

My Thoughts:  Wow, what a story!!!! I was drawn in from the first page. It was impossible to put down and I had to know what was going to happen. You get a good look into the mind of Annie during this time of being abducted and how she went into survival mode. She was smart and while I know this is a fiction story, I would hope in her situation I could be as brave. I felt so sick at times during this book. There was even a point where I almost put it down and could not finish it. An event happens around page 150 and I didn't know if I could continue reading. However, the need to know what happens to this girl and obviously how she escapes was stronger then my disgust.

Annie is a torn soul. Even though she is now back in the real world, she can't just put her life together. I think this was a great aspect of the story. So many times we see these stories about people being abducted and returning to their lives. I always just assume that they are happy and go back to their previous life. However, this story was an eye opener. It isn't that simple. Simple things can be the most difficult for someone who has been abducted.

The ending in this book will shock you. Yes, the book is already shocking as you read it, but when you arrive to the end, your going to want to scream. I felt relief at the end for this character. I hope she got her happy ending.

My Rating:

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Marce said...

Great review.

This has been the most exciting anticipated book this year for me. 3 book stores have been sold out, ugggh.

Rebecca said...

It was good!!! Very hard to put down

Anonymous said...

Told ya so! LOL Glad you enjoyed it. I lost a nights sleep over this book and having to know what was coming next. I am going to put a link to your review in with my review, hope you dont mind.

Jess said...

Great review. I loved this book as well. It was so intense and sad, yet I had to know what was happening next. Can't wait for Stevens next book.