Sunday, August 8, 2010

Review---Stay by Allie Larkin


Savannah has been in love with Peter ever sense she fell face first in front of him in college. They made a pact that if at the ages of 32, they weren't married, then they would get married. Six years later, Savannah is standing across the alter looking at Peter as he is marrying her best friend Janie.

Before Peter leaves for his honeymoon he runs to Savannah and leaves her in a predicament, knowing that Peter doesn't truly love her, but that he feels like he is losing her. Savannah then has to makes some choices on her life as Peter and Janie are on their two week honeymoon. On on drunken night, she gets online and decides to buy a German Shepherd. Only she is expecting a puppy, but instead get a puppy who is a lot bigger then she expects. She then meets veterinarian Alex, who is there ever step of the way to help her as she learns to deal with her new dog, who she has named Joe.

What I thought:
The story line was good.  I enjoyed the direction that the story went. You get drawn in wondering what will happen with Peter, Janie and Savannah. You then get drawn in with Joe the dog who seems to be quite the character in itself. However, the main character is somewhat annoying. She is always drunk it seemed like. She wouldn't exactly be anyone i would want to be around. Its on a drunken night that she orders her dog online. She feels very sorry for herself in most of the book and even at the end, I am not sure i feel like she grew up. I know the author was probably gearing towards Savannah growing into a more stable person, but i still didn't feel it. In some ways i would have liked to see the story end a little differently, especially in the Peter/Janie scenario. Then again, this was an almost classic chick-lit type of book, that i do enjoy.

My Rating:

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