Friday, August 6, 2010

Review---Crazy For Love

Crazy for Love (Hqn)

Quick Summary:
Meet Chloe, who is on an escape vacation with her best friend Jenn. Why is she on vacation? Her finance faked his death so he wouldn't have to marry her! He told the media she was the worst Bridezilla ever. Only, it isn't true. Chloe is sweet and never pitched a fit. So a week away from the press is just what she needs. 
Max and Elliot, two brothers who are also in need of a vacation and also just happen to be staying next door to Chloe and Jenn. Max is none other then a hot treasure hunter. He's perfect for a week fling to Chloe. Only, there is so much more to Max then she thought. There is also so much more to her so called finance then she thought.

What I thought:
It was good. It was a cute story. Though, if you read the Tumble Creek series by Victoria, you might be a little let down. This one was not quite on the same level as those. Or at least to me. I liked it, but i didn't love it. I didn't feel the chemistry very well between Chloe and Max. I felt more in the sub characters Elliot and Jenn. the story was one where i could tell where it was going. Even the "surprise" in the slight mystery, i knew what was going to happen.  The intimate scenes were very lacking compared to what i was used to with her.

I do sense a possible next book. Maybe this one will turn into a small series. It seems like maybe a spin off could come out of Elliot and Jenn. I would really like to see more between them. I liked them so much more then the main characters. Time will tell!

My Rating:

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Karen said...

I felt exactly the same way! Liekd it but I was really missing the smart - snarky dialogue of her other books. This couple just didn't grab my attention. I cared more about Elliot and jenn too!