Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Review---Insatiable by Meg Cabot


Quick Summary:
Meena Harper works as a soap opera writer. She has a gift to her that she would trade in an instant. She can meet someone and know when they are going to die.  She works hard as a writer and gets passed up as being head writer. The girl selected to be head writer wants to change the direction of the show to VAMPIRES. Meena Harper dreads the idea and is tired of all the media hype around vampires. 

Lucian is The Prince who comes for a visit. He immediately falls in love with Meena and she also feels the same  for him.  Until, Alaric enters her life and tells her things that she just can't believe. Vampires are real! It was her worst nightmare coming true. Even worse, someone she knows is a vampire. Even more, Alaric is a real vampire hunter!

What I Thought:
Loved it! Al though i had no idea when i downloaded this that i was going to be reading a paranormal book. Meg Cabot is not known for that, but for chick lit! I really loved how they brought in much of the hype that is in the media now about vampires. Because even though i do like a good paranormal every now and then, it really does seem like its everywhere.  And leave it to Meg Cabot to poke fun at it, and still write a paranormal book.

I am hoping there is another book after this one. It left kind of with a cliffhanger. You are left wondering which way she will go with her love interest. Right now her heart is leaning towards both men. So, if anyone knows of another one that might come out, let me know!

My rating: *****


Blueicegal ♥ said...

ohh sounds like you really enjoyed it! happy reading :)

Amanda Tamayo said...

I *love* paranormal romance, so I'll have to grab this one. I also have a few 'normal' romances to toss yer way, I'll message you about that later =)

Thanks for turning me onto this - as you said, she's not known for her paranormal romance so I would never have thought to look to her for one!