Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good Girl Gone Bad by Karin Tabke

bad  So, this was my second time i dipped my toe into the world of erotica. The first series i read was by Shelly Laurenston and didn’t realize what i was about to read. They were wild…but they had a lot of vulgar language that caught me off guard. This book was just plain hot! LOL, not sure what to say. There was hardly an cussing, so i was able to enjoy it more.
So, what is it about? In the world of Klub Kashmir 3 girls have gone missing. undercover lieutenant Ty works there looking for who might be taking these girl. Phil is the woman from the investigation department who has been sent to work undercover as a cocktail waitress/ stripper also to try to draw out the kidnapper. Phil is basically a virgin and this is her first time being around anything like this. They chemistry is off the hook between Ty and Phil. The author did an awesome job. The story line was actually very good and the mystery kept you wondering. My main complaint was, only a few chapters in, i knew who the kidnappers were. It was obvious. Not sure if they author did that purposely or if she really thought it would be surprising.
I recommend this to anyone who likes erotica or has thought about trying it. It was a tame erotica book if that makes sense. It was no where near as bad as that Shelly Laurentson series i read.

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