Monday, May 3, 2010

Its Monday, What are you reading?

So, this is a new meme i am doing. To link up, visit One Persons Journey Through a World of Books.  So, as someone who reads all the time, this is a perfect meme for me. So, what do you do? Well, i tell you what books i read since last monday and what i plan to read this week.

So, onto last week. I finished the 6 book Janet Evanovich and co authored with Charlotte Hughes. It was a great series. It was a quick entertaining read. And i love novels full of comedy and a little love. Last week i think i read the last 3 in the series. I would recommend it to anyone who loves comedy romance.

I also read a quick series that a friend gave me. To start this meme and i am going to tell you that it was a short erotica series! I will try anything. The Books in the series are Pack ChallangeGo Fetch, and Here Kitty Kitty. It was written by Shelly Laurenston. I must say, these books make a cheesy harlequin book look like young adult. The language in these alone was a little hard to get used too. However, i did enjoy the series. It has been awhile since i had picked up anything paranormal. These were about shape shifters, mostly wolves. It was a good series, in honestly.  The books were between 200-300 pages, so they were quick reads. They had a decent plot. And if you are looking for steamy....they were defiently steamy. These books even came with a warning on the back! Good thing...b/c we wouldn't need a teeny bopper picking this up thinking its the next Twilight!

So, whats on the list this week? Something a little less steamy. I plan to get back to some chick lit. I have bought two Jodi Picoult books and have yet to read one. So, i plan to read one of those this week.

Jodi Picoult Change of Heart. I picked this up at the libray for 25 cents!

So, far thats all thats on the list.

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