Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review: Live Out Loud by Heather Wardell

Publication Date: August 31, 2011
Genre: Fiction/ chick-lit
Format: E-book
Heat Rating: G
Reviewed For: The Author

Blurb: Amy's a hobbyist songwriter with big dreams, but not the usual 'making it as a musician' kind. No, Amy wants to honor her late best friend by finally starting the support center for teenage girls they'd dreamed of when they were just girls themselves. She doesn't know where to start, but when one of her songs becomes an overnight internet sensation she sees a quick path to the money she'll need to make the center a reality.

As white-hot pop sensation Misty Will, Amy finds a whole new world opening to her and realizes she loves being on stage holding an audience spellbound. She also loves how her young fans look up to her and draw strength from her songs, but of course they don't know the awful thing she did after her friend died and how badly she could have used a support center herself. She knows, though, and also knows that she simply has to leave her new pop princess identity behind and become Amy the center director as she's dreamed of for eight years.

Doesn't she?

My Thoughts: This is one of those books that in each sitting you get completely caught up in what is going on. Amy is a singer in the beginning and only sings locally. One night she dresses in a pink mini-skirt and matching wig and makes it big. Over night she goes from Amy to Misty Will. She gets a new home, a trainer, someone to help her write her songs, and more. Its a dream come true. As a reader you wonder, okay she got what she wanted, now what. Well, it isn't all Amy thought it would be. You get an inside look on how the fame isn't what she wants. She wants to be making a difference in the lives of her listeners. While her life looks glamorous, its actually falling apart all around her. Her boyfriend-who I thought was the biggest jerk-leaves her. She really wants Tim, the song writer, but that just isn't working. Her friends are fake, and on top of that, she is being stalked by someone sending her letters.

Like I mentioned above, this book is going to suck you in. When you lay your e-reader down, your thoughts are going to be drifting back to this one. So before you start it, make sure you have to time to devote to it.

To learn more about the fantastic Heather Wardell, visit her website . There hasn't been a book by her yet that I haven't liked.


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