Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stormy Knight: Behind 'O Grady's Pub

Readers 18 and older

Behind O'Grady's Pub (A "Dirty Bits" Short Story)
Publication Date: June 13th, 2011
Genre: Erotic Romance novella/ menage
Part of the Dirty Bits line from Sapphire Nights
Format: E-book
Reviewed For: Sapphire Nights
My Rating:

Blurb: A woman escapes her home while rising flood waters claim the land. She finds herself stranded in the middle of a swamp without a cell phone or any way to summon help. Two sexy men rescue her and give her refuge in their pub. Do they want more from her than just being an overnight guest? Once the doors of the pub close to the public, everything is a secret—behind O’Grady’s Pub.

My Thoughts: I have always been a big Stormy Knight fan. She can weave a tale that magically draws you in. This one is no exception. We meet a woman on the side of the road needing help. What better then a hot guy who takes her back to the pub, where she meets yet another hot guy. She quickly figures out she isn't just an overnight guest. These two men are wanting a whole lot more from her.

Quick fast read. Ending that will leave your heart all warm and fuzzy. Be sure to not miss out on this one.


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