Thursday, August 25, 2011

Twice Is Not Enough by Emma Lai


Twice Is Not Enough
Publication Date:
Genre: Historical Romance Erotic
Heat Level: NC-17
Format: E-book
Reviewed For: Myself :o)
My Rating:

Book Blurb: After several disastrous engagements, Lady Minerva Peters is an expert at suppressing her own needs. Only in the darkness of night does she give in to her wanton desires with a fantasy lover.

In the middle of a crowded ballroom, she learns her father is not yet ready to let her fade into spinsterhood. Humiliated, she ducks into a dark alcove only to find out she's not alone.

My Thoughts: This is my first book by Emma Lai and it will not be my last. Emma is a wonderful writer and swept me away in a story that I thouroughly enjoyed. I really felt for Lady Minerva is this book. Talk about bad luck. Imagine being courted several times and seeing your wedding in the future only to be left each and every time for one of your female cousins. Devastating. So Lady Minerva turns to her thoughts and fantasy lover to keep her satisfied until one evening she sees a man who looks very much like her fantasy lover. He is as attracted to her as she is to him and the two have a secret meeting not even realizing it is with each other. The book really heats up.

I loved the ending of this book and while part of me felt it was a bit rushed, I then stopped to think it wasn't rushed in the historical times.

If you love a good novella and you like your reads with the bedroom door left way open, then this read is for you. In fact, I picked it up for about $3.20 as an e-book, so it was definitely worth the price.

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