Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Making Waves by Tawna Fenske

Making Waves
Publication Date: August 2, 2011
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Reviewed for: Sourcebooks
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Book Blurb: When Alex Bradshaw's unscrupulous boss kicks him to the curb after 20 faithful years as an executive with the world's largest shipping company, he sets out to reclaim his dignity and his pension. Assembling a team of fellow corporate castoffs, he sails to the Caribbean to intercept an illegal diamond shipment. None of them counted on quirky blonde stowaway Juli Flynn, who has a perplexing array of talents, a few big secrets, and an intoxicating romantic chemistry with Alex.

My Thoughts: What a hoot! That's what I have to say first. Pirates, an urn filled with ashes, a woman with a high IQ without any common sense, it was hilarious. When I first started this book Juli was a puzzle to me. In fact, she is a puzzle for the first half of the book. There is something different about her. You aren't sure if she just has a severe case of ADHD or what. She bounces from job to job, trying them all. She gets bored, very easy. Her common sense seems to be out the window and as a reader you find yourself scratching your head wondering what this girl is going to be up to next. Well, after taking some sea motion medicine to get herself ready for a cruise to spread her uncles ashes, oh yeah, did I mention through this whole book she is carrying an urn of ashes. Yes, Tawna Fenske has packed this book full of laughs. So, as she hallucinates she gets on the wrong boat. Instead she crashes Alex's ship (who she met the night before) and they are in fact, pirates.

Juli turns the pirate mission into a disaster but a success. The last few chapters of this book will have you in amazement on one, where the treasure is hidden and two where Tawna came up with such an idea. This author has got some talent and she will surely top your list of authors to watch for their upcoming books.

Clicking the picture above, you can go ahead and pre-order this book. Yes, there are just a few more days before you will see this one on shelves but I wanted to go ahead and let you know about it.


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Tawna Fenske said...

Aww, thanks so much for mentioning my book and saying such lovely things about it!

And the answer to how I came up with the idea about the treasure...um, well, lots of wine :)