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Interview: Stormy Knight


Welcome Stormy, to Beck’s Book Picks.

Tell us a little about yourself?

Red Hot Lightning (A "Dirty Bits" Short Story)Just like my bio on Sapphire Nights Books, I am a former North Carolina resident. I love the Outer Banks and the ocean in particular. I’m not much of a snow girl, and prefer living in the Southern states, but adore visiting Chicago. I’ve been writing in other genres for years and just began to write erotic romance and erotica less than a year ago. It’s very liberating. Do I have experience in all that I write? No, but I’m no angel either. Let’s just say some of what I write is based on personal experience.

How did you decide that erotica was the genre you would write?
Behind O'Grady's Pub (A "Dirty Bits" Short Story) I’ve known the editor and publisher for Sapphire Nights Books for some time. She put out a call for a new line of books, and I wanted to try my hand at it. I’d read many erotic stories and thought I could write as well if not better than many of them, so why not? I did take a pseudonym so my private life could remain that way.

You have several books out with Sapphire Nights Books, so far, which one is your favorite that you have written?
 It’s hard to choose your favorite. It’s similar to choosing one child as your favorite. But, if I had to choose, I’d say it’s a close tie between Red Hot Lightning and Behind O’Grady’s Pub. I like Red Hot Lightning because it was my first and Behind O’Grady’s Pub because it’s my first ménage. In the latter, I attempted to show what a ménage could be with tender, caring men. I will have others, but you’ll see interesting twists on the common theme.

Better After Midnight (Steaming Quickies)Also, watch out for my novellas in The Three Bustiers Series. The first one, All for Lust, a M/F book, came out last month. One Good Lay premieres mid-July. Um, Brice’s good lay isn’t just one man. The third book, a M/F erotic romance, is Steaming Up. That one has been the most fun to write. It comes out the end of August.

What is it like being an e-book author?
Fun. My books come out in a relatively quick time frame (though sometimes you might have to wait for a year—just depends on the house). So many more people read electronically these days and sales are increasing. I read all my books that way now and doubt I’ll ever use my local B&N the way I used to.

Can we find you elsewhere under a different pen name?
Perhaps. VBG 

Do you have any writing quirks?
Blown Away (A "Dirty Bits" Short Story)I think all writers do. I don’t think any of us are immune. Mine don’t tend to be too strange. There are certain phrases I use more than others, but because I’m aware I do it, I try to self-edit out many. 

Anything that gets you in the mood to write?
I’m rarely not in the mood. It’s a passion, one that I feed daily or I get grumpy.

Any advice for new writers who are hoping to one day be published?
Spring SurgeHave a whole lot of patience. It doesn’t happen overnight and it’s cumulative. That is, once you’re published the first time, don’t quit your day job.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself that others may not know.
I love to cook and have won a city-wide cooking contest. In my house, I installed a six-burner gas stove so I can "feed"  my other passion. I've discoved you have to feed your men well so they can satisfy you later. Just don't overfeed them--don't want them to go to sleep.

Lastly, is there anything you would like to share?
All For Lust (The Three Bustiers)Just that women (or men) who have never read erotic or erotic romance should try reading some. The heat levels in the genre vary significantly. Some are so taboo that I might not like them myself, but there are others who do prefer that style. You just have to choose what you like the best. I prefer to think of my stories as sensual and sometimes even playfully humorous. Let’s say Stormy Knight’s books range from smooth finely aged Cabernet Sauvignon to sweet tickle-the-tongue Moscato as compared to other authors’ books that are more similar to a dry martinis straight up.
You can find more about me and my books at:
Thank you so much!

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Great Interview Stormy.
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Great interview! I'm not much of a cook, but I admire people who are instinctive chefs. When I feel the need to heat things up, I go straight to baking. No man can resist a little something sweet. Thanks for sharing!

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Great interview, Ladies. I love the titles of your books, Stormy. I can't help but chuckle and be intrigued.

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Great Interview... I love Stormy and her books...