Monday, June 27, 2011

Forever After by Deborah Raney

Forever After: A Hanover Falls Novel
Publication Date: June 14, 2011
Series: A Hanover Falls Novel (can be read alone)
Genre: Christan Romance
Reviewed For: Glass House
My Rating:

Book Blurb: A fire killed his best friend and his lifelong dream of being a firefighter. The same fire killed her husband and hopes for a family. Can new dreams replace old?
Lucas Vermontez was a proud firefighter like his father. Now, not only has he lost his father and his best friend, Zach, in the fire at the Grove Street homeless shelter, but the devoted rookie can no longer do the work he loves after being crippled in the tragic event. When friendship with his buddy’s beautiful widow turns into more, he wonders, what could he possibly offer Jenna? Jenna Morgan is trying to grieve her husband’s death like a proper widow, but the truth is, she never really loved Zach. His death feels more like a relief to her. But that relief is short-lived when she loses her home and the financial support of her in-laws. Now the secrets of her past threaten to destroy her future.
Can the two forget the painful past and discover new reasons to live and love?

My Thoughts: This was a very heartwarming story, that was impossible to put down. I had to know what was going to happen to Zach and to Jenna.  Each of them was going through so much in their lives as they hit the one year mark where Lucas lost his father and partner in a fire, and Jenna lost her husband, whom was Lucas's partner. Lucas is left not able to work as a firefighter and may never be able too.  When seeing Jenna again, he wants her, but knows how wrong this is. However somehow the two lives keep interweaving and a friendship builds. One they each want more of, but Jenna is hesitant. Jenna is learning who she is. Her in-laws are rich and controlling and she has to learn to break free from them and stand up for herself.

This book is remarkable. We see each character change and grow. These two come together in the end and as a reader it just warms you hears. Your happy and excited to see these two get their happy ending. I did not read book 1 in this series called Almost Forever. I am sure it is the background story to this book, however not positive. When I was contacted to review this, I was told I was able to review this one as a standalone and they were correct. 

I recommend this book to anyone who likes christan romance and a good clean heartfelt romance. No hanky panky in this book, only a little kissing. I think you will enjoy it as much as I did though!



Gina Hott said...

This is a terrific review, Beck. Thanks so much - I'd missed this on my TBR list.

Paws said...

Thanks for the heads-up on this one Beck! I added it to my TBR pile.
Thanks! ;)