Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blog survey (very quick)

I have a quick survey about what readers actually read on not just my blog, but all blogs. Thank you in advance if you decide to fill this out. It is annoynomous so feel free to be honest, no one will know who ya are.



Gina Hott said...

Good one, Beck. The only other thing I'd add is that I really don't like to read a summary/blurb and then find out later it wasn't the bloggers original thoughts. Many note if they pulled it from the back of the book or from a book seller but some do not. I've stopped reading blogs before because of this practice.

I also won't read a review for a book if I've seen it more than twice in the last couple of days. I know that some publicists think this is a terrific practice but I, quite honestly, will skip it after the first few.

So how do you feel about these things?

Rebecca said...

I agree, I don't agree with book blogs who only post the book blurb from another site. I do post a book blurb from good reads before my thoughts, but I think with big bold blue letters, a person can skip over that if they choose to do so. I mainly read what a blogger thinks of the book before I worry about the book blurb. I do enjoy reading reviews by other bloggers who have read the same book I have. But like you, if I have not read the book, after a few reviews, I am done.